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The Healthy Sleep Series: Practical Sleeping Guide for New Parents

Parents with Newborn

A sound breaks the pacific silence of the night. The rest of the world is asleep, and so are you and your spouse. However, the sound of your infant child would like to change that.

You turn on the warm night-lights, and you see your baby in discomfort. Whatever caused it is left to the unknown for now, but after you try to get your infant back to sleep, you lay yourself back on the bed, and it seems like you’re the only one in your house that’s having a difficult time going back to sleep.

The seconds tick past, and the minutes fly by. You’re staring with dreamy eyes into the ceiling, and you hear silent breathing next to you. Yes, you’re the only one asleep now. It’s 2:35 AM in the morning. You’re tired, but not tired enough to sail into the tranquil seas of sleep. Unbelievable. But on the bright side, you’re a parent now.

Parenthood isn’t always about taking cute Instagram pictures of your baby and posting it 5 times per day each week. It’s not fun and games all the time. It’s equally a ton of responsibilities. Well, in case you forgot that it also primarily involves feeding, cleaning up, and bearing the baby in a lot of unconditional love and toleration, you might at least remember the possibility of being kept up at night like in the aforementioned scenario.

You might be a parent or perhaps you will be one in the future, but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone needs sleep. The circadian rhythm of nature covers all living things. It’s a necessity. It also takes a lot of time mastering your own circadian sleep pattern. But for the new parent, what are some useful guides?

  • Take shifts with your spouseSleeping Baby

It’s just like any job that a person acquires – it’s usually full of tons of hard work, but eventually, it will pay off. I mean, it doesn’t usually stop until your child grows up to live with his or her own family, but don’t get discouraged. But as for the present, you need to deal with stuff one step at a time.

Just like a work schedule, you might want to take shifts with your spouse during the night. Half the night would be assigned to you, and you’ll be in charge of changing diapers, feeding, and inducing the baby to go back to sleep, and half of the night would be assigned to your spouse. Parenthood is a team effort, so might as well make it evident even during the sleeping hours.

  • Sleep in separate rooms

A married couple is bound and joined together by soul and heart in the eyes of man and God – as made evident by the rings that are worn. But it’s not just about unity of heart, body, and soul, and it’s not even about just sleeping on the same bed.

Marriage transcends even sleeping on separate beds in separate rooms. That’s why in taking care of your infant, you should consider putting the baby in another room with the person in charge sleeping nearby. It not only helps filter any possible noise, but it helps prolong the silence and tranquillity of at least one parent. If you follow the first advice, the two of you are going to be switching anyway, so it’s still fair.

  • Take healthy midnight snacks

In previous articles, we’ve talked to you about healthy midnight snacks. That’s a good thing since in this aspect of your life, you’ll probably going to need a lot. Some of you think it’s probably an option to choose chemical warfare – coffee and energy drinks to keep yourself awake while watching the baby. But that’s the thing – the goal is to sleep soundly along with the baby.

It’s not like a thesis you’re catching up to do before the break of dawn. You’re not in college anymore. Plus, if you’re sleeping, it’s less likely for your baby to be disturbed. Isn’t it much better to be asleep as a whole family?

Ever thought of having your own family? Well, there it is. Sleeping as a family is sweet, and so is dreaming together. Nothing like a peaceful night, right?