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Helpful Tips to Invite Kids to Sleep

After a long day at work, most parents will still find the time to spend with their kids. But when it’s already bedtime, expect to start hearing your kids whine and complain about not wanting to go to bed yet. Putting a child to sleep is certainly a struggle for most parents, as kids always want to play more games, watch more t.v., and so on. However, as much as you want to spend more quality time with your children, they need the right amount of sleep in order to grow, be healthy, and not be cranky the next day. Here are some tips to invite kids to sleep:

Reading your child's favorite bedtime story together is a great bonding experience.

  • After dinner, give your child a warm bath, help him brush his teeth and put on his pajamas. These will not only make him fresh and clean, but the warmth and activity can help induce sleepiness.
  • Instead of allowing your child to watch television until he falls asleep, try to read his favorite book together. This makes for a more interactive experience and is a great opportunity for parent and child to bond. Also, to make your reading time more exciting, let your child choose what book to read for the night.
  • You can also try putting on a night light, especially if your child is afraid of sleeping without the lights on. You can buy him a night light with his favorite carton character as a design, or go all out and purchase a light projector showing different shapes and colors. Putting up glow-in-the-dark stickers of stars or animals on the ceiling also adds a whimsical touch to your kid’s room.
  • It will also be helpful to play soft music. This will make your child more relaxed and he’ll be drifting off to slumberland shortly.
  • If your child stubbornly refuses to go to sleep, give him realistic and reasonable consequences. For example, he can no longer buy his favorite candy or he can’t go to his friend’s house to play. Also explain to your child why he needs to sleep.
  • Give your child his favorite pillow, toy or blanket as you tuck him in to bed. They’ll feel more comfortable with their favorite teddy bear or blankie by their side.
  • Teach your kid to say bedtime prayers. Tell him that as we pray, we should be thankful for the day that passed and we pray for God’s blessings for the day ahead.
  • And lastly, give your child a warm, good night kiss!

Children need their sleep to grow tall and healthy. So just as you want them to be refreshed and energetic for the day ahead, you should make their bedtime something to look forward to.