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Hey Loverboy! Take Notes from a Senso Memory Foam

Happy Couple

And tonight, you’ll fall asleep with her in your heart.

Staring at the ceiling, you wondered about her – lost in lovely thoughts of holding her hands and laughing at each other’s jokes. You can almost smell her fragrance as you reminisce your ravishing romance. You even changed your spring mattress to the most comfortable Senso Memory Foam for more giggly love contemplation.

And there in the darkness lies your forgotten best buddy – your precious bed. This may sound silly, but your relationship with your bed (on the basis of sleep, of course) throughout your life has become so apparent that we may be able to draw out relationship lessons from it.

Agree? Let’s get it on.

Cute Couple

End the Blame Game

On Sleep: Have you ever been startled to consciousness in the middle of your slumber only to wake up and find out that it’s just your mate manically stretching on the bed? Chances are, the morning will start with either one of two things: joking and laughter or, if push comes to shove, the Blame Game.

Memory foam is ideal especially for couples because, thanks to its conforming qualities, one will remain undisturbed during the other’s movement. So cheers to a heavenly sleep – even if your partner chose to dance the Macarena on the bed.

On Love: You don’t have to blame each other for any struggles you may encounter in your relationship. You are partners, which involves cooperating with each other to advance your mutual benefits.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

You’re Not a Pressure Cooker!

On Sleep: When you sleep, your weight should be distributed across the surface. Otherwise, you’ll wake up hating the day and everything you see. It’s because your shoulders and hips will definitely ache as they support majority of your weight while sleeping. But worry not, because memory foam eliminates those pressure points, making your sleep the best thing on earth.

On Love: Pressure comes with any relationship, and the challenge is to handle this pressure so it will not wreak havoc in your love affair.

Talk with your girl about what you’re feeling and what your expectations are. As partners, you can work together and claim victory over that challenge! Spend time developing your relationship. Do a lot of fun things together – watch movies, stroll around a park, make the most of the cuddle weather, and so on.

If pressure comes, find a way back into love. Giggle, laugh, and embrace. You are meant to love each other, not to pressure each other.


The Greatest Fan of Her Life

On Sleep: This special foam relieves the stress and tension from your body while you sleep. It conforms to your body, keeping your spine in natural alignment. Now, that’s what you can call a healthy sleep!

On Love: What’s more delightful than a partner who supports you in your goals? Even the best heroes have a sidekick to keep them sane! When things get rocky, your girl will certainly appreciate your listening ears and empathy. Give her a hug, or hold her hand to show that you care.

Be her greatest fan. Of course, words can do a lot! Send a message of confidence and love before she takes that promotion exam or competes in her sports. Compliment her beauty – and with that my friend, you can never go wrong.


Want it? Put a Ring On It!

On Sleep: Did you know that your memory foam can last for 5 to 15 years? That’s what you call durability. With memory foam, you are assured that your good times in Dreamland won’t be short-lived.

On Love: What’s a relationship without commitment? I don’t think anyone enjoys seeing someone playing with someone’s delicate heart. You too, right?

And those are what you can learn from your oh-so-heavenly bed which you can apply to your love life. Sleep tight in love!