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“Home Sweet Home!” 5 Things to Do when you Move Into your New House

New House

Moving into a new house is always a new phase in life, no matter what circumstances are surrounding it. It can be a story of accomplishment and of joy, that after years of hard work, you were finally able to acquire a new house all to yourself.

There are plenty of stories, but no matter the backstory, you always have to come to terms with accepting your brand new house, which you will have to eventually turn into a home. Laughs will be expressed, stories will be told and made, and tears will be shed all inside that home in the next years you’ll spend in it. Definitely look forward to it. But before that, you have to remember five things that you have to do when moving into your new house. And here they are:

Home Sweet Home

Update your address

Moving from one place of habitation to another requires a change of address. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. This is a necessary step so you won’t keep getting mail at your old place. Important packages, bills that you have to pay, even your magazine subscription may keep ending up at your old place, so be sure that none of these happen by updating your address as you as you finish the move.

Know where the main circuit breaker and main water valve are

This is to know how to basically operate your house, and for emergency purposes. It’s a pretty useless house if you can’t get the water and electricity going, right? Memorize the circuit breaker – know which switch controls which area. The water valve sometimes needs to be turned off in case of a plumbing installation or an emergency in the same aspect.

There's no place like home

Change the locks of exterior doors

No one wants to be robbed – ever (especially just within the first few days or months of moving there). That’s why you have to change the locks of exterior doors. It’s for security purposes. The owner of the previous house who has the keys may lose it, which may be found with someone with bad intentions, and the rest will make for a very bad story. You get what I’m saying. You need new locks and keys for your own safety.

Identify and memorize emergency exits

Every now and then, something you never wish in a million years to happen does happen. That involves disasters, and when you’re in a house, fires aren’t very uncommon. You don’t want it to happen to you, but every year, thousands of families lose their homes because of it, and lose millions of dollars in property. But when it does happen to you, life is the most important thing. That’s why you need to memorize where to go and escape for your life’s sake.

Home is where the heart is

Get it cleaned up and personalized

Part of taking a house and turning it into a home is making yourself comfortable in it. Change the color of the walls, get furniture that suits you, and of course, get a bed that will usher you into the sweet arms of the realm of slumber without any difficulties whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Senso Memory Mattress, and you’ll not only be content being awake inside your house – you’ll be more than satisfied sleeping in it.

Seems pretty easy, huh? Remember that home is where the heart is. To make sure that it really is where you place your heart, make it yours in a way that only you can understand and appreciate more than anyone else. Have a good day!