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The Homemaker’s Guide to DIY Dreamcatchers as Bedroom Decorations

Dreamcatcher in Bedroom

A dreamcatcher is a handmade object that’s believed to be able to trap bad dreams through its magical properties. And although the idea of being free from nightmares is always welcome, not everyone is convinced with solutions that involve the supernatural. But for those who just want unique decorations for their bedroom, then dreamcatchers would do just fine.

You probably won’t have a hard time finding the perfect dreamcatcher design to hang near your bed foam, but wouldn’t it be a lot more fulfilling if you made your own? But of course! Thinking that it’s gonna be too difficult? Fret not, because a DIY dreamcatcher is actually simple to make! Take the challenge! All you need are the following:

Dreamcatcher Design MATERIALS

  • Metal hoop
  • Metal craft ring
  • Artificial feathers
  • Large and small craft feathers
  • Plastic and wooden beads of all sizes
  • Colored threads for complimentary hues


  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 bottle of glue
  • 1 sheet of paper


Cover the Hoop

  • Wind a thread around the hoop by laying one end of the string along it while holding it in place with your thumb. Then wrap the thread over the hoop until at least a third of it is covered.
  • Use a different colored thread to wrap over another part of the hoop. Then use the previous thread again to completely cover the circle. Make sure that the ends are long and untied.

Note: You can choose to use more than two different colors to cover the hoop.

Cover the Ring

  • Use the same technique used on the hoop to wind thread on the smaller wood or metal ring, with the loose ends long and untied.
  • Place the ring inside the larger hoop. Then, wind the loose ends from the ring up and around the hoop and back around the ring, finally ending in the hoop and tying the strings in a double knot. Trim the remaining loose ends.
  • Use the loose threads from the hoop to join it with the ring, continuing all the way around the hoop to create a web-like crisscrossing pattern. Tie ends in a double knot and trim the loose strings if you’re done.

Note: You can also add beads as you join the hoop and ring.

DIY Dreamcatcher

Add the Fringe

  • Cut the colored threads to lengths of 80 cm (or 32 inches) to make the fringes.
  • Tie the ends of the fringes to the bottom of the large hoop. Start with the preferred center color, and then continue on with the rest.
  • Cut the sheet of paper into a triangle, place it on top of the fringes (the triangle must be pointing downwards), and trim the ends of the fringes to give it a triangular shape.

Attach the Feathers and Beads

  • Insert the beads at the end of each fringe string and glue the ends with the feathers.

Note: Aside from wooden and plastic beads, you can also use real gemstones. And you can dip the feathers in light paint to add more color to the dreamcatcher.

Make a Hanging Loop

  • Cut a short thread, fold it in half, and tie a knot at the end. Then attach it to the top of the dreamcatcher.

Note: For additional design, you can add a large bead to the hanging loop. It can also help keep it in place.

If you are able to follow these steps accordingly, then your bedroom should have another cool décor to make it all the more beautiful. Should you have any difficulties with the instructions above, there are many helpful tutorials in YouTube that will enlighten you. Sweet Dreams, everyone!