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The Homemaker’s Guide to Maximizing Small Bedrooms

small bedroom

Does size really matter? For bedrooms, of course. After all, the bigger the bedroom is, the more things you can do and put in it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with a not-so-big bedroom. Through proper and creative organization, you can fit other furniture aside from your sofa bed, and even add an appliance or two.

With these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your bedroom whether it’s large or tiny. After all, there are other things that determine space in the bedroom than just its size.

Add a Loft

If your bedroom has a pretty high ceiling, then adding a loft would be a good solution to your big problem when it comes to your bedroom’s small space. It adds a place for you to put your stuff in without taking up floor space, and you can also stay or lie down on it.  

Bunk Down

However, if a loft is either too costly or too much of a hassle to make, a bunk bed would be a good substitute.

Although it definitely won’t be able to store as much things as that of a loft, it still creates a space big enough for your stuff. If you’re sharing your room with someone else but both of you want a bed of your own, then a bunk bed would be the end of your disputes.

small bedroom 2

Over Your Head

If you think a loft is too much and a bunk bed isn’t really your style, why not make a compartment above your headboard? Just make sure that it won’t be set so low that you’d hit your head on it in the morning.

To The Walls

Walls are often overlooked and rarely utilized as areas where home items can be placed. With fixtures -shelves, racks – and appliances – LED TVs, wall fans – that can be hanged, you can save a lot of floor space, allowing you to use it on things that can only stand upright.

If you want to make even more space, make a compartment on the wall. It might not seem much, but a few inches are more than enough for you to create a small rack where you can neatly place things instead of letting them clutter your room.

Better yet, you can even make a bed that pops out from the wall! Hide it in the wall during the morning for more space in the morning.

Double Up

Instead of buying furniture that serve only one particular purpose, go for those that have two or even three uses. Just like the sofa bed that can be both serve as a sofa and a bed, some chests can serve as tables, and some shelves can be used as desks. Either they are explicitly multi-purpose, or they gain more than one use because you happen to be creative. Goes to show that ingenuity and resourcefulness can save you both space and money.

Your bedroom, just like your life, is what you make of it. So if you want it to be big and spacious even if it seems small, you can – just be creative!