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The Homemaker’s Guide to Prepping the Living Room for 2015

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Just a while back, we’ve talked about decorating your living room for the Yuletide season. Well, Christmas has come and gone, leaving behind all those holiday decorations and perhaps some mess hidden under the sofa foam for you to clean up. With the previous year over and the new one upon us, it’s best if you start tidying up your living room (Again, we know!).

That way, you’ll start the year right, and you’ll have a fully restored and functional area in the house that’s ready for you and your guests’ pleasure before the first week of January is up! So shake off your vacation hangover and follow these bits of advice!

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Haul It All Out!

Every great piece of art starts with a blank canvas. And to make a masterpiece out of your living room, you have to start with an empty one. So get everything out: Christmas tree, decorations, appliances, electronic equipment, furniture – all of it! It could take quite some time though, so you can just remove the Christmas decors and leave everything else in place instead. But if you want your living room to be absolutely spotless and have a brand new look and feel at the New Year’s start, you better do as you’re told!

Store Some and Throw Some!

Now let’s deal with the stuff you took out from the living room. Keep your furniture and appliances nearby so you can move them back once the room is cleaned up and prepped up for refurnishing (more on that later). Your Christmas ornaments, though, literally face life and death choices. A lot of them can still be reused for this year’s celebrations, so put them in a box and store it somewhere safe. The others go to the garbage bag; these are dead Christmas plants, irreparable ornaments, and other items that have been rendered useless.


Sweep, Mop, Re-paint, and All That Stuff!

When you’re done sweeping, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and mopping the living room you just emptied, you’ll have two options. One, the living room stays as it is (no paint jobs, no new installments, etc). Two, you renovate! If you’re a believer of Feng Shui principles, then this is the best time you apply some of their techniques to ensure that good qi flows in and around your home. If your living room has a small horizontal area but has a high ceiling, you can install a loft to maximize space.

The Rest Returns!

Bring back the furniture and appliances inside the living room once you’re finished cleaning and renovating. You can either put it all back where it’s placed previously, or you can rearrange it all for a brand new look. Need a few more tips regarding rearranging furniture and appliances? You can find it here (The Homemaker’s Guide to Rearranging Furniture) and here (How to Spruce Up your Living Room).

Bring On a Few Add-ons!

But don’t content yourself with rearranged furniture and appliances. Get a number of decors for your living room to make it more exciting and stylish. Here are a few suggestions, on the house (11 Cool Living Room Accessories for a More Stylish Home)! And since you’re redecorating your own living room anyway, why not prep it up to perfectly suit your taste?

So there you have it! Follow these pointers and we can guarantee that you’ll have your living room good and ready to go for 2015 before the week is up! Better get your cleaning equipment and get on with it, dude.