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The Homemaker’s Guide to Rearranging Furniture


Humans have a propensity to lean towards what they’re familiar with. This can easily be observed with how most people are not comfortable with change. We tend to stick to what we’re used to because we feel more at home with the present. Anything new or foreign that’s introduced is usually seen as something doubtable.

However, there’s also a human urge for adventure – a quest for something new. We also get tired of old things. Sometimes, curiosity and the quest for changing for what we expect to be the better overtakes the human propensity to stay and stick and lean towards what we’re familiar with. This applies in almost all aspects of a human’s life – including the interior of a person’s house.

I’m sure you know what renovations are and why people need them done on their houses. However, renovations cost a lot of money, and sometimes you simply don’t have the capacity to spend that much. What now? The good thing about this is that you can still give your house or room a fancy makeover. All you simply have to do is to rearrange your furniture. But how exactly can you execute this? Here’s a quick guide!

Sofa  Bed

Maximize space

When moving around furniture, remember how much space each piece takes and how its space and orientation affects another piece of furniture. If you’re used to the furniture placed in the room for a long time, your mind seems to take all that for granted. That’s why if you remove all the furniture, there’s just so much room – space that you realized that you’ve even had! So be sure to maximize space whenever you give your home a makeover.

Think of it mentally first. Remember how the size of each piece of furniture scales around the room, and think of how it’ll look. It’s important to have a plan first, and a goal that you want to reach.

Consider the features you can’t move

This includes lights, windows, power outlets, panel boards, and the door. Maybe your room has other immoveable features, but you get the point. You don’t want to leave your sofa bed on an awkward position nor do you want to see your desk completely across where the power outlet is. You also don’t want to prop your wardrobe against the window. That’s just plain peculiar. So remember that and keep it in mind.

Make it movement-efficient.

The worst you can do to your newly “renovated” room is to turn it more into an obstacle course. You’d want it to be as efficient to your movement as possible. Another tip to maximize the productivity: Try to distance your desk from your bed as much as possible. That way, you won’t be very tempted to go back to bed while you’re in the middle of working on something.

There you have it! I hope this will help you rearrange your furniture not only to make it feel like you have a newly-renovated room, but also to help you maximize efficiency. But whatever activity you have in the day, remember to reward yourself with proper and comfortable sleep. Have a great day!