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The Homemaker’s Guide to Welcoming Christmas in the Living Room

Christmas Living Room

If you want to make your home as Christmas-friendly as it can be, then the best place to start your holiday preparations is in your living room. It’s the most prominent area of your house where each family member can share stories and make memories. To ready this room for the Holiday Season is to declare that your family is happy and filled with the Christmas Spirit.

As for the actual process of decorating your living room, well, you need not worry, for it is neither difficult nor expensive. Really! You don’t have to relocate your chairs and sofa bed nor do you have to buy the Christmas tree with the biggest price tag. Just carefully go through this guide and you’ll see what we mean. Let’s begin!

Christmas Living Room Decor

Clean Every Corner of the Room

Aided by our solutions for messy living rooms, you can start off by getting rid of as many dirt and grime as you can find. Better have bug spread nearby as you’ll also be eradicating any bugs that might have infested your house in the last couple of months. Be very meticulous regarding the pests since some of them find various Christmas plants extremely delectable. In case you’re too busy to handle the pest extermination yourself, you can always rely on professional pest control.

Christmas Living Room Ideas

Maximize Room Space

The best way to do this would be to rearrange your furniture. So before cleaning every nook and cranny of your living room, have your stuff moved out first. That way, once you’re done with the clean-up you’ll be able to properly asses the entire space, allowing you to place all the furniture at exactly the right spot. From there, you can either furnish your living room according to your family’s usual activities.

Christmas Decorations

Achieve Perfect Lighting

Lighting sets the overall mood and ambience of a room. Keep in mind that you should not quickly go for multicolored lights since it may clash with the room’s natural theme; sometimes, light bulbs that have one or two shades are more than enough. Besides, you don’t want any additional lights to outshine the most important prop of the project. Can you guess which one? Our next point gives away the answer.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Set Up the Christmas Tree

Your living room won’t feel ready for the holidays without the traditional Christmas tree. So better get one as soon as you can! And while you’re at it, get the needed decorations and lights that would make your tree even more impressive. Once you’re done setting up that glorious, illuminating tree, it’s time to place all the gifts at its foot for everyone to see. When your children are overwhelmed with joy as they open the gifts at Christmas morning, you’ll realize that all the effort will be well worth it.

Christmas at Home

Finishing Touches

Now that you’re done with the larger tasks, it’s time to add the final decorations to your living room. These include: a bowl of candies or chocolates on the coffee table for everyone’s convenience, accenting your sofas and chairs with pillows that have Christmas themes, adding a few extra plants like holly and mistletoe, and so on. If you have daughters who are fans of Disney’s “Frozen”, try adding an “Olaf” figure next to the fireplace. It’ll remind everyone of his touching line, “Some people are worth melting for.”

At the end of the day, though, it’s up to you on how you’ll welcome the Christmas spirit in your home. No amount of cleaning, decorating and preparing can make your house any holiday friendlier if you yourself don’t have the heart to celebrate this joyous season.