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How to Get that Hotel Bed Look at Home

Awesome Bedroom

To check in a hotel is to reward yourself with a crisp and luxurious bed. Your trip to Dream Land will be heavenly and all, but once you bid goodbye to your peaceful slumber, you’ll be saying hello to an intimidating receipt by the time you check out.

Sucks, I know. But don’t fret just yet, because we here at URATEX have simple tips on how you can fully enjoy that experience with your own foam at home. High Five and read on.

  • Be more particular about the color scheme

In case you still haven’t noticed, most of the fancy hotels make use of white sheets for their bed. When it comes to accents, they make sure that the accents compliment each other, creating a harmonious color scheme. A carefully-picked color scheme, of course, contributes to the elegance and general harmony of the entire look. It also tells you not to overdo your bed by simply mixing and matching colors that may not complement each other.

  • Think about the layers

Multiple layers of soft bed sheets keep you warm even during cold nights inside your hotel room. So, if you want to have the same experience inside your own home, make sure that scour your closet for your softest sheets. Each layer will surely add up to the comfort and give your bed a fluffier look.

  • Appreciate the art of ironing

One of the most common characteristics of hotel beds is the crisp of the sheets layered on it. So when your skin touches these layers, you can feel both their firmness and freshness. In order to achieve this, you have to have to be patient when it comes to ironing your sheets. You can also make use of starch to make things easier for you.

  • Invest in pillows

Of course, apart from bed, you also have to be very particular about the pillows you put on your bed. Choose pillows that are soft, aesthetic, and of the right size. When you know how to choose the right pillows for your bed, then you are definitely getting closer to your hotel bed project.

Sometimes, you don’t really have to spend a ton of bucks to feel the luxury you long for. All you have to do is be clever and creative enough. With all these, you will surely come up with means that will allow you to bring home the hotel experience you crave.