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How to Best Cope with Jet Lags

Jet Lagged

Frequent travellers are sure to have frequent jet lags, but there are a lot of ways to prevent them as to also minimize the trouble of not getting enough sleep. Nobody likes to miss out on enjoying their trip. Before you even embark on your plane trip, I suggest you consider some things on how to best cope with jet lags.

Firstly, you could bring a second watch to keep track of the different time frames. Or, if your watch is more advanced, you could enable its dual clock settings to show the time of the country you are going to, so that if you are travelling to London or entering a different time zone, you are set. Once you land, rely on the adjusted watch that you have. Also, make sure that you are in good physical condition. Make sure that you have done some exercise days before your flight and as well on the day itself.

Most people are in such a rush that they forget to eat well before embarking. This should not be so. Commit to a meal before flight, and make sure that you it right! Farewell parties are very common when someone is about to leave.  This could be hard for many, but do try to avoid too much consumption of alcohol or caffeine for that matter. If you are thirsty, maybe quenching it with plenty of water will be more feasible to you.

Sleeping at Airport

When you get to the country you are going to, take a day off. Do not go partying the minute you land. Take a day to just relax and get into the comforts of your hotel room. Try to look for accommodations that use Uratex mattresses because of the supremacy of their products. You are sure to fall asleep in no time. You should be in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, having a comfortable mattress will do wonders. Uratex gives you just that.

Do dress comfortable as well. Long flights mean that you will be sitting most of the time, and being in comfortable apparel will make the long ride better. Try to stand up once in a while and do a little walking. This should enable you to stretch your muscles and avoid clots. Some people opt for taking medication. Unless your health really requires it, I suggest that you minimize the medications, especially ones that contain melatonin. Try just relaxing and not doing anything strenuous.

A great thing to do as well is to trick your body into thinking that it is actually night time when your body clock has not adjusted yet. If your body is accustomed to daytime when it is night time in your location, try opening all the lights in the room. This way, you are tricking your body into thinking that it is actually day time, which significantly assists your body in the adjusting that it needs.