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Is Inception Actually Plausible in Real Life?


The majority of us have seen, are at least familiar with, Cristopher Nolan’s “Inception.” Well actually, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s really really difficult to explain it, no matter how many hours or words and pages you’ll provide me. But this article isn’t about explaining what the movie’s about. I’m here to discuss to you something that became a very legitimate concern ever since “Inception” came out in 2010 – is it actually plausible in real life?

The principle isn’t that bad at all. It’s actually really awesome. I mean, who doesn’t want to be in a form of simulated reality in which you can just literally sort of “think” things into the reality of that dream, right? Life as we know it would be a million times more awesome if we can just dream it whenever we want.

I mean, why not? It’ll be just like going out to the mall – but more awesome, since you can just imagine that you have money, and voilà!  But the question remains – can it be considered a reality? Let’s look into each aspect of it and find out.

  • Sedatives

In the real world, you know that there are such things as sedatives. They’re used every day on people and animals for various reasons, but most likely with the goal of putting that person or beast to sleep. Well, that’s what sedatives are for.

In the movie, however, the range of extremely powerful sedatives are so broad and are so widely available, that they’re actually like illegal drugs consumed by people so they can literally escape their realities to go on living in a blissful paradise in their own respective dream-worlds.

Inception Minimalist Poster

  • Dreaming together

“Inception” introduced the idea of a “Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous” device that allows people to dream together, as long as they are hooked up together to it via IV lines. It kind of reminds me of some sort of LAN network that allows several videogamers to link up together to play the same game simultaneously.

Unfortunately, in this real world, this doesn’t exist. Even the movie doesn’t explain how it works. Christopher Nolan just happened to be under the umbrella of “Artistic Licence” and we, the audience, just play along. I mean, it did become quite a successful movie right? But I guess dreaming together is something that can only be done in the movies… for now. Let’s just hope that technology has something off of its sleeves in the near future.

  • Levels of dreams

I really think Christopher Nolan got the idea of this off of games more than anything else. I mean, first the “multiplayer” thing and now these “levels?” Anyway, wherever Nolan got this from, let’s look into it. Dreams in the real life are pretty much just short-lived and it’s very rare that you remember most of it. In a night, a person during his or her REM stage of sleep dreams for an average of 7 times. However, none of those dreams are dreams within previous dreams. Sorry.

  • Dying in a dream and waking up

In a lot of dreams, you die. You can even check out this article which lists the common nightmares people experience. However, that doesn’t happen all the time. There are nightmares in which you die, and then you wake up breathing heavily and all covered in sweat, but it’s very common that your consciousness in that dream lives on, and you can even float around and see your dead self in that dream.

So in reality, dying in a dream does not always wake you up. And it won’t bring you to the previous level of a dream or in limbo, because neither exist. But in Christopher Nolan’s world of fiction, it does. Oh, well.

Sleeping is not always another reason to go to sleep on your comfortable foam mattress and to eat healthy midnight snacks and to read yourself to sleep. But sleeping is often a way to escape from reality for a while. I mean, Inception’s dreams aren’t 100% real, but there is such as a thing as lucid dreaming.

But thank God there’s still such a thing as dreaming nonetheless. Awesome, huh? Although you can say “dream on” (pun intended) to the movie “Inception”, you can always have sweet dreams. So, I bid you, good night and good dreams, everyone!