Excellent Hotels around the World that Provide Perfect Sleep

March 27, 2014

Couple at Hotel

Why do you think people go to hotels during their vacation on when they’ve arrived from a really long flight abroad? Is it because of the status, convenience, or amenities? Truth be told, visitors go to hotels because of the awesome sleep experience they get. And yes, that mostly due to the serene atmosphere and comfy hotel mattress.

But, interestingly enough, other factors play a part in a hotel’s provision of excellent sleep for its customers. Today, we’ll examine those as we list down the world’s best hotels that provide excellent sleep.

Bryant Park Hotel

Bryant Park Hotel, New York

As part of their unique customer service and offerings, Bryant Hotel offers a sleep mask at the mini bar and complimentary earplugs. Plus, they have a sound machine next to the bed that plays nature/ocean sounds to lull you to sleep.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton

The crown jewel in the Marriot line of hotels is best known for its very own unique, custom-made mattresses called the Sealy PosturePedic bed sets featured in their rooms. It is said that once you lie on this bed, you won’t ever want to part from its calming embrace.

70 Park Avenue

70 Park Avenue, New York

Another native New York hotel makes this list. Their one-of-a kind sleep-inducing service involves melatonin-filled chocolates, a hormone secreted by the body’s pineal gland that regulates sleeping and waking patterns. Basically, you’ll be eating yourself to sleep at 70 Park Avenue.

Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotels

Suite Dreams Mattress and Box Spring – that’s all you need to know when you’re headed to a Hilton Hotel anywhere in the world for some much needed R&R. Like the mattress collection of URATEX, the specially made bed of the Hiltons is built with the utmost support, so much so that the ends of the bed do not break down, improves blood circulation, and cancels out the tossing and turning one experiences on other regular beds.

Added to its functions are the high-class appeal of a patented quilt design and a luxurious mattress. The Hilton Hotel’s bed package is the pinnacle of hotel comfort and style.

Hotel Gabriel

Hotel Gabriel, Paris

This hotel located in the City Of Lights offers an automated sleep companion that provides sleep, nap, and wake up programs through the use of mood music and lighting.

The next time you need to a place to sleep outside your home, just remember the names of these luxurious hotels. You’ll surely sleep soundly through Christmas when you’re holed up in these accommodations.

Do you know other hotels around the world that give excellent sleep to their distinguished guests, such as yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.