6 Ways Monoblock Chairs can Help in Daily Life

July 26, 2015

monoblock chair

The monoblock chair has become a staple in almost every corner. You can see ‘em beside hospital beds, in gardens and in wedding venues. Here are six ways monoblock chairs can help in your daily doings.

In case of emergency

We hope you did not envision an ambulance when you read emergency chairs as we are definitely not pertaining to ‘em! You see, sometimes you invite people to your home and there are cases wherein the chairs are simply not enough and people are forced to sit on the floor. Luckily, there are monoblock chairs in store! You definitely will not have any problem when it comes to storage as these are stackable so the space occupied by many chairs can be equivalent to just one..

At the Beach

Surf, sand and sun. These are the essentials to enjoy a day at a beach. Monoblock chairs are useful because they won’t get dirty from the sand, they’re easy to clean, and won’t easily be damaged from the sea air. Additionally, these chairs won’t sink that far into the sand that you will have to grab a shovel and dig it out. In fact, in most cases it does not even sink at all which is why it is the top choice of many restaurants on the beach.

To lounge outdoors

On a hot summer day, nothing pleases you more than to just sit under the cooling shade of a tree and enjoy a glass of iced tea along with a good book. But when the rainy season comes along… oh man! Your chairs! Won’t they get ruined by the rain? Nope because you are using monoblock chairs which are strong and easy to clean. During the summer it is the best chair to use thanks to its ergonomic design, meaning your back will not feel hot at all as you lounge under the sun. During the rainy season, you can either just leave your chairs outside or store them inside. Either one is a good option because, as we said earlier, these chairs are easy to clean and easy to store.

stacked monobloc

During hospital visits

One of the most worrisome events of any person’s life is when one’s loved one has been hospitalized due to an injury or an illness. Sometimes, the hospital provided cushioned chairs just aren’t enough for the influx of visitors who want to see how the patient is doing. Luckily, monoblock chairs are here to help solve the problem. Just grab a  few and let the visitors sit and chat with the patient. For sure it will help uplift you patient’s spirits up.

As wheelchairs

Believe it or not but the wheelchair has been around for hundreds of years. The earliest record of wheelchairs was found in a record dating two to three centuries later in Oriental China. Today the wheelchair is an essential device for those who have difficulty walking due to different reasons such as paralysis, amputation, illness or disability. It can be quite expensive too which is why some very creative minds decided to make use of the monoblock chair and turn it into a DIY affordable wheelchair. It is placed on a customized frame and outfitted with bicycle wheels to make it durable enough for uneven surfaces. Many impoverished communities have been given these wheelchairs for free around the world in a mission to allow everybody to move around.

At Events

Weddings, birthdays and baptisms are just some of the happy events to grace anyone’s life. And where else should your guests sit but on monoblock chairs? If you are worried about the design, don’t worry as we here in Uratex offer monoblock chairs in different colors and sizes perfect for your needs.

Has this convinced you to purchase momoblock chairs? Head over to your nearest Uratex showroom and purchase ‘em now!