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Uratex Mattresses: 10 Innovations Providing You Better Zzz's

While some downplay the importance of an innovative mattress, did you know that lack of sleep is costing everyone billions of dollars? A Harvard University study estimated that the cost of lost productivity due to sleep deprivation is a whopping $63.2 billion in the US alone. Certainly, the best mattress must be able to meet the needs of sleep-deprived people whose careers are on the line.

Innovations Providing You Better Zzz's

To this end, Uratex foam mattress features are providing effective and novel solutions to the epidemic of insufficient sleep. From cooling technology to aligning the body’s rhythm, the arsenal of the best memory foam mattresses from Uratex have impressive technology-driven features to make a good night’s sleep dream come true. Target your specific sleeping needs with these 10 Uratex foam and mattress features.


1. Enjoy an odor-free sleeping environment with Aura Fresh

odor-free sleeping environment

Have a fresh, clean sleep with the Uratex Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

What’s that you smell in your bedroom? Don’t underestimate the impact of lingering bad odor as this can affect the quality of your sleep. What you need is a foam mattress that can effectively eliminate all unwanted odors. The Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh is the solution to this problem. Whether it’s the unpleasant smell is coming from your body’s natural oils or the poor air circulation of your room, the Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh is built to repel bad odor. The memory foam mattress is formulated with complex compounds that offer long-lasting odor-free protection. Enjoy better sleep without the stinking bedroom smell.


2. Ensure your baby’s safety with Safe & Clean®

 Ensure your baby’s safety

A safe mattress is a vital sleep essential for your baby. With the Safe & Clean® technology of the Infant Soft Recliner, you ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe while sleeping. It’s equipped with a soft belt and the sides are elevated to keep your baby in place. This high-quality mattress is also treated to protect your baby from germs, allergies, bacteria, and dust mites. Recommended for babies aged 1 to 6 months, the mattress is designed to enhance comfort and safety.


3. Improve body rhythm and balance with Orthofirm® technology

body rhtythm and balance

Improve intra-body communication for a relaxing, rejuvenating sleep with the new Uratex Orthocare Biorytmic
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

No mattress buying guide is ever complete without addressing the importance of aligning your body’s natural rhythm. Intra-body communication is crucial for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. The Orthocare Biorytmic is able to achieve this with its Orthofirm® technology. What’s great about this hi-tech mattress is it can sustain good spinal alignment. In fact, the mattress can be easily considered as one of the most innovative mattresses available in the Philippines. The firm support can banish stress and sleepless nights, allowing your body to improve balance and biorhythm.


4. Effective protection against bacteria and toxics with Sanitized®

protection against bacteria and toxics

The best mattress for a good night’s sleep should be able to prevent odor and dust mites and the growth of bacteria, and mildew. On a more serious note, your mattress should also help you keep your bed free from health hazards like toxic chemicals. The Perfect Serenity Chimera from Uratex is no ordinary mattress because it’s treated with Sanitized© technology, which effectively protects against potential health dangers. The mattress cancels the need to rely on harsh solutions when cleaning your bed because of its built-in capacity to stay hygienic, fresh, and safe.


5. Cool down and sleep comfortably with Hydragel® beads

Cool down and sleep comfortably

Wake up from a refreshingly cool sleep with the Uratex Senso Memory Ultima Plus
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A quick foam mattress comparison should reveal that not all mattresses on the market are created equal. Temperature should be a crucial aspect of your mattress buying guide because the human body needs to cool down when sleeping. The Uratex Senso Memory Ultima Plus is designed with Hydragel® beads in memory foam that smartly work to whisk away heat and let your body feel cool and comfortable during sleep. The cooling technology is designed to provide solution to the hot and humid climate of the Philippines.


6. Eradicate skin irritation with Tencel Fabric technology

eradicate skin irritation

Skin care is one of the most important considerations when reviewing mattress features. With ordinary mattresses, it is possible to develop a skin allergy because of the irritating materials. With a Uratex foam mattress like the Premium Touch Viscoluxe, skin irritation is eradicated because it’s made with skin-loving Tencel fabric technology. It’s a hypoallergenic fabric made from the essence of a eucalyptus tree, which is antimicrobial. The natural cellulosic fiber also helps regulate moisture, so bacteria buildup is prevented.


7. Enrich Your Relationship with Smart Reflex® Pocket Spring System

enrich your relationship

The Uratex Premium Touch Romance
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Couples benefit a lot from good sleep. When incessant sleep talking and snoring happen at night, for example, the sleep problem can lead conflicts. Inspire passion and keep a healthy relationship with the Uratex Premium Touch Romance mattress. It’s made with Smart Reflex® Pocket Spring System, which is one of the best mattress innovations on the market today. Couples should look for an innovative mattress that can intelligently isolate body movement for a tranquil sleep. The Touch Romance mattress is also infused with the essences of ylang-ylang, cinnamon, and ginseng, creating a perfect combination for a sweet and spicy romantic atmosphere.


8. Go the extra mile for the environment with NuLeaf Mattress

go the extra mile

For environmentally-conscious consumers, sleep hacks that contribute to the conservation of nature is a must. From minimizing energy consumption at night to using organic materials, there are a lot of ways to take care of Mother Earth during sleep. What if your mattress can help you with this responsibility? With the NuLeaf Mattress from Uratex, you can enjoy a dreamful sleep knowing that you have an environment-friendly mattress. It’s made from 30% renewable polyol and natural palm oil essence, both of which contribute to a safe sleeping environment. The medium plush comfort feel also takes care of your body’s pressure points for a soothing slumber.


9. Improve back support with Orthocare Technology

Improve back support

Do you often wake up feeling tired and disgruntled despite sufficient hours of sleep? The reason could be your mattress. Fortunately, there’s a memory foam mattress in the Philippines that understands your orthopedic needs. The Orthocare Harmony can offer you exceptional back support. Its comfort layers are made with natural latex and high-resilient, elastic foam. Because of its impressive flexibility, it is able to sustain a balanced distribution of body pressure while you sleep. You wake up feeling comfortable and refreshed because the mattress promotes optimal body support and natural body alignment.


10. Enjoy comfortable luxury with Trapunto Mattress

enjoy comfortable luxury

Combine sophistication and style with the Trapunto Mattress by designer Rajo Laurel
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

For the style conscious, sleep tips should highlight good, beautifying sleep. Perfect for enviable “woke up like this” selfies, the Trapunto Mattress from Uratex is a classic European quilted mattress that exudes luxurious elegance. It’s exclusively designed by the celebrated Filipino designer Rajo Laurel. The mattress that sports clean lines and uncompromising comfort, exhibiting what a sophisticated yet relaxing sleeping space should be. Trapunto offers a new level of superior style, support, and comfort in one must-have mattress. Truly, it combines the best of both worlds: chic and cozy.

With these innovative features of Uratex mattresses, you should be able to target and resolve your particular sleep troubles. The joy of a good night’s sleep is a wonderful experience and highlights how important a health-promoting mattress is. But don’t simply take our word for it. Visit Uratex showrooms to get a demo and feel the amazing comfort of the innovative Uratex mattresses that’s best for you.