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Innovative Bed Designs

As our lifestyle change through the modern days, so do the things that surround us. No matter how complicated our lives have become, our human instinct will always lead us to look for ways to relax ourselves. Bed mattresses are a necessity, and we have to be comfortable when sleeping in order to de-stress ourselves from all the activities we do.

Recent innovations in technology have resulted in a few bed designs that are more than just a comfy place for us to lie on. You’ll see that innovators are creative enough to address more needs of the people through the latest bed designs. On top of all this, many of today’s improved mattresses can further enhance the aesthetics of bedrooms

Here are some innovative bed designs that you could choose from:

Space-Saving Bed Mattress

1) The dual-purpose bed pictured above is very good at saving space. Designed for studio type rooms, this particular bed design is most appropriate for people who live by themselves. This elegant piece of furniture will save its owner a lot of space since it can be converted from a sofa to a mattress, and vice versa. This bed design is also suitable for people who are content with owning just a few pieces of furniture around the house.

Innovative Bed Design

2) This is another space-saving bed design. Because it is foldable, you’ll notice how its concept is very similar to sofa beds. What makes this bed more far more unique than a regular sofa bed is that it can be positioned in almost any area around the house. We would be reminded of the Transformer robots every time we morph it from a sofa to a double deck bed.

Rocking Bed

3) Though it may not be preferred by a few people, this rocking bed is definitely something exceptional. People should maintain steady balance whilst positioned in this bed. Especially true when built without legs, this bed mattress can sway uncontrollably when its rocking feature is abused. Because it’s made in such a way that it allows a floating sensation, this invention is best suited for those who practice morning meditations.

Creative Bed Design4) Of all the innovations included in this article, the bed design featured above is probably the one that can save the most space. As you can see, there’s already a built-in pillow when you assemble it for use. Its only downside is that it’s only good for one person. So if you’re a person who likes to frequently entertain guests, it’s probably best if you purchase more of these. This can also be used as couches for visitors.

Innovative Baby Crib

5) The idea of this bed is perfect for mothers with newborn infants. Not only can it function as a station for breastfeeding, but it can also be used as the baby’s crib. In general, the bed can be used alternatively as a chair once the baby doesn’t need a crib anymore.