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Introducing the Uratex Mattress with Banig

Have you ever wanted to experience comfort and culture at the same time? Well if you’re from the Philippines, I’m sure you know what a banig is. A banig is a handwoven mat made of buri or dried palm tree leaves, usually used for sleeping and sitting. It has the advantage of being cool to the feel  as heat does not accumulate in the mat — very appropriate for a tropical country such as ours, especially during summertime.

Ingenious and Indigenous

Combining the coolness of the banig with the support and durability of the modern mattress, Uratex now offers consumers the Uratex Mattress with Banig. The name is pretty much self-explanatory, but I’m sure there’s some disbelief in how something as modern as a polyfoam mattress can co-exist as a single product with the outdated banig. Well, you better believe it, because Uratex has developed this very ingenious product to suit the needs of people living in tropical countries such as ours.

To make the mattress-banig bed possible, one side is quilted with the classic mattress cover, and the other side has a banig made from durable woven plastic material. It’s your choice to use the banig side for those hot summer nights or the quilted side when the weather is cool.

Uratex Mattress with Banig - use the quilted side when the weather is cool and the banig side during hot nights

Along with the unique and comfortable properties of polyfoam, the banig option provides a different level of comfort, style, and coolness. The Uratex Mattress with Banig just goes to show that with innovation and creativity, we can look to the past for solutions to today’s problems and even go one step further by integrating it to modern trends.