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What Kind of Bed Suits Your Room?

Such a nice bedroom, isn’t it? You have big windows where you can see wonderful sights near your home and clean walls to make you feel relaxed before you sleep. But wait, why don’t you have a king-sized fluffy bed where you can lounge around on after you wake up? Looks like you still haven’t chosen a bed that’s perfect for your room. Don’t worry because Uratex is offering different kinds of beds that would suit your room and your personality.

The K Collection

The beds in this collection are called the K Everyday because they are the designer collection of Ms. Kris Aquino.  If you want a bed that would reflect the kikay and girliness in you, the K Everyday Collection is the perfect fit for you!

Called the K Everyday Deluxe, this bed won’t just be a nice addition to a feminine room, it also gives a perfect combination of “healthy support, protection, comfort, and durability.” In line with this, the K Everyday Deluxe Mattress offers you the following:

  1. A gentle supportive sleep system to promote good posture for women of all ages,
  2. A firm edge to prevent you from collapsing as you sit on the mattress,
  3. A super soft comfort quilt design which provides you relaxing sleep that you desire,
  4. Treated with Uratex’s Sanitized® that guarantees your sleep to be safe from germs and dust-mites, and
  5. If you’re not a big fan of the color pink, this bed is also available in beige!

The K Everyday Premium is certainly a glamorous, comfortable, and “ooh-la la” type of bed. As Uratex puts it, “It has a fusion of impeccable style, superior quality, and unwavering benefits that you’ll be sleeping like a celebrity!”

K Everyday Premium offers you the following:

  1. A memory foam top layer that gives you the comfort you need,
  2. A contour foam support design that gives you the support needed to key pressure areas of a woman’s body like the head, shoulder, pelvis, legs and feet,
  3. A firm edge support and treated with Sanitized® just like in K Everyday Deluxe, and
  4. It is also available in pink, beige, and white!

Other collections that might catch your eye

Uratex’s Orthocare is a therapeutic mattress that offers pain relief and is of hospital quality. Orthocare is zoned with different firmness levels to help ensure proper spine alignment and eliminate pressure points. This provides an  exceptional support and comfort all over the body since it’s firmer in the back and hipzones, and softer in the shoulder and foot zones. Because of its ideal balance between firmness and comfort, Orthocare allows you to be in a more natural sleeping position.

If you want to experience an exceptional level of comfort, Premium Touch Cozy Latex is the best for you! This bed has high-performance pocket springs, five-zone latex foam, and breathable CoolMax®. It also has a cashmere cover plus fragrance-active and anti-dust mite properties.

The Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory has an advanced pocket spring system and a body-molding memory foam that would give you a feeling of soothing indulgence. It has a unique firm feel, which balances the softness of the memory foam for optimum support and comfort. Its memory foam also conforms to the body contours to relieve pressure points and create a comfortable cocoon. This brings about an all-over feeling of relaxation and a comfortable sleep with less tossing and turning!

Every bed offered by Uratex will give you comfort and relaxation as you sleep. What’s more, you can choose a design and type that perfectly fits your bedroom and lifestyle. Having one of these beds will surely make your bedroom a comfortable haven!