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Uratex Pillows: Shapes and Types

Pillows are one of the most essential factors for a comfortable sleep. While one pillow should be enough to provide a refreshing sleep, some people prefer to have more than one for various reasons. Personally, I prefer to have at least two pillows – one for the head and the other to hug when I go to sleep. With the various preferences that people want, Uratex has come up with different pillow types to match your preferences.

  • Head pillow – the most common type of pillow, we want one that provides good support for our head so we won’t wake up with a bad headache or neck pain. Uratex offers various sizes and thickness that match your personal preference.
  • Body pillow – for those who want the hotdog-type of pillow or one which you can just hug all night, this is the pillow for you. When you’re sleeping, you want to make it as comfortable as possible and if body pillows help you achieve that comfort, then by all means, go ahead and buy one.

    Uratex 'Gentle' head pillow and 'Yakap' body pillow offer superb support and comfort for a good night's sleep.

  • Senso memory pillow – this type of pillow is designed to conform to the actual shape of your body which provides more support and stress relief for your body compared to feather pillows.
  • Contour pillow – for those having problems with their back, the Uratex contour pillow is just perfect for your spine. Its design is similar to those used in hospitals and medical centers that help relieve spinal problems

    Uratex 'Senso Memory' and 'Contour Plus' pillows are specially designed to provide extreme comfort and pressure relief.

Uratex not only offers pillows that provide great support and comfort, but also gives you options to match your personal needs and preferences. What’s your favorite type of pillow? 🙂