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How Long will your Mattress Last?

We all want a peaceful, refreshing sleep. We long for the most comfortable spot in our house to get this – our mattress.  Unlike the other things in our house however, mattresses don’t often get cleaned. Yes, we wash our bed sheets and blankets, but how about our mattresses? Here are some tips to keep your mattresses are clean and durable.

What will you sleep with tonight? Read on for tips on maintaining and cleaning your mattress – ensuring safe sleep on a mattress that will last its lifetime.

  • Flip your mattress

This is important in order for your mattress to wear evenly. Every 6 months, flip your mattress so that the side where your head lays down would now be on your feet. The side of the mattresses should also be flipped.

  • Cover it up!

Just like our sofas and sofa beds mattresses should be covered in order to protect it from dust and mites. It also helps in protecting the surface of your mattress from stains and dirt. Make sure to wash your bed covers at least once a month.

  • Use a vacuum

This is to ensure that particles of dust and mites would be thoroughly removed from the mattress. The vacuum will help you eliminate these pests in order to avoid allergies and discomfort. 

Wiping and just changing the sheets are not enough, use a vacuum to clean a mattress thoroughly.

  • Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress

You might notice that the edges of our mattress are the ones that are stiff. This provides support for our mattress. Once we continue wearing it apart, our mattress will surely retire sooner than you think. 

  • Avoid getting it wet

Once our mattress gets wet, the spring and foam inside are affected. Worse, the mattress can rust off and sag. It can also accumulate bad odor if not cleaned and dried as soon as possible. If the awful scenario does occur, it is important to wipe the affected area with a warm towel then provide a fan or blower for it to dry immediately.

  • Don’t jump on it

It is certainly enjoyable to play trampoline on our mattresses. Jumping on a mattress, however, is detrimental and can break and tear the mattress.

It looks like such great fun, but mattresses are made for sleeping, not jumping.

It is important to take care of the things that provide us comfort, and one that provides us comfort at least eight hours a day is our mattress. It is not practical to buy a new one every year so make sure that you maximize the life span of your mattress by following the above-mentioned tips.