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Loved the Narnia Movies? Here are Cool “Secret Room” Ideas for your Own Home

Magic Wardrobe to Narnia

Ever wondered what it feels like to enter an antique wardrobe filled with moldy fur jackets and finding a magical world within? Or have you always wished that your bedroom was as awesome as the secret Batcave? And have you ever wanted to go full-on Nicolas Case and hunt for national treasures “hidden in plain sight”?

Everybody wants privacy in their home. And while some people get it by restricting some areas of the house for personal reasons, others find it necessary to install extra rooms only they know of. If you’re dreaming of being the latter, as craving for the perfect spot where you can lie down on your sofa bed and relax to your heart’s content, then here are a few classic ideas:

Hidden Room (Bookshelf)

Behind a Bookshelf

Using an ordinary bookshelf to hide an extraordinary room isn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, along with the room-within-the-closet design, it’s one of the most classic secret room ideas – and for good reasons! It’s relatively easy to install and you don’t even have to have an extra room rebuilt. Just close off an unused room with a tall and wide bookshelf and camouflage the locks and hinges as the finishing touches.

Inside a Fireplace

You can also use your fireplace to “hide” a room inside your home. Installing this secret space is about as easy as placing bookshelves or wardrobes. You only need to do a little manual labor and some elbow grease, which includes building the fireplace itself at the entrance and making sure that the embers and smoke do not cause problems for the room and its users. You can choose to do this project yourself or you can hire people to do the job, although the special room won’t be as secret room anymore if you choose to do so.

Secret Room (Stairs)

Under the Stairs

The steps in your home can make a great camouflage for secret rooms and passageways, especially if they’re made from wood. You can place a hinge on one side of the stairs and after installing a few easy-to-operate mechanisms, you can happily say “Voila!” You now have a hidden entrance! The only downside about this idea is that you may need to install a new room in the house; this won’t be too much of a problem though since most stair cases are positioned on one side. Just make sure that the entrance is light enough for you to open or close.

Under the Floor

This idea may sound crazy, but it’s possible. There are even lots of construction businesses out there who are more than willing to design underground bunkers for you and your family to survive violent acts of nature! Important buildings like the White House also sport a few underground rooms, or so it was rumored.

However, it can be a very costly endeavor; nobody would expect you to do the digging yourself. Furthermore, it’s really hard to keep an underground room made by private contractors a secret; rumors travel no matter how detailed a non-disclosure contract can be. Because of this, make sure to hire only the people you can trust. Or better you, ask your family to help you with your project! If you’re planning to build an Entertainment Cave, you can reap the rewards of your labor as soon as everything’s set.