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Is Your Mattress Causing You Worrisome Back Pain?

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability globally, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. This condition is too common that most sufferers simply dismiss it as something that will get better eventually. Back pain can be due to various reasons such as stress, injury or an underlying disease. It can be categorized as “non-specific” or when there’s no obvious cause, or “mechanical” when the pain comes from the bones, joints or tissues in and around the spine. If you’re suffering from mechanical back pain, it’s highly recommended that you seek professional help.


Are you suffering from non-specific back pain?

Back Pain

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Non-specific back pain can develop abruptly or gradually. Typically, it’s the result of poor posture, sitting for long periods and a sedentary lifestyle. It is also associated with a minor injury or high levels of stress. In some cases, non-specific back pain can be due to sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. This back pain condition may get better within weeks provided it is addressed accordingly. Otherwise, it may adversely impact your productivity and quality of life.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) suggests a list of tips to prevent back pain including maintaining a healthy diet and weight, keeping an active lifestyle and avoiding prolonged inactivity. It’s also advisable to warm up before working out or doing any physical activity. The ACA further advises to sleep on a medium-firm mattress to minimize any curve in your spine.


What is the right mattress for you?

Right Mattress

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Choosing the right mattress, according to Harvard Medical School, can “make the difference in whether you can sleep at night and function the next day”. There is no specific prescription on the type of mattress to relieve back pain. Some people achieve optimal relaxation on firm mattress while others are comfortable with a soft bed foam. There are also those who attain satisfying zzz’s each night on a medium-firm mattress. To know the suitable mattress for you, Harvard Medical School recommends doing a reliable test by sleeping on different types of mattresses in a hotel or a friend’s or relative’s house.

Don’t have time to test mattresses? An orthopedic bed is especially designed to provide comfort and reduce the symptoms of back pain, arthritis and other similar conditions. An orthopedic mattress may be made of firm or medium-firm foam or a body contouring memory foam. It’s highly recommended for people with orthopedic needs, but also for anybody who struggle with immense stress at day and just wants quality sleep at night. Here’s a brief orthopedic mattress review and helpful tips to manage your back pain.


Orthocare Balance’s orthofirm foam

Orthocare Balance

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Non-specific back pain can be relieved by maintaining an active lifestyle. The UK’s National Health Service notes that people who remain active are likely to recover more quickly. Healthy adults should meet the minimum 2-1/2 hours moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week or 1-1/4 hours per week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity. Regular exercise earlier in the day can also help you fall asleep easier at bedtime.

Uratex Philippines’ Orthocare Balance is a premier mattress recommended by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. Its Orthofirm foam, a convoluted high-density foam, it helps back pain sufferers attain quality sleep by providing back support. The Orthocare Balance is covered in Tencel knitted fabric that absorbs heat from the room and the body, ensuring that a satisfying sleep throughout the night.


Overall health promotion with Orthocare Biorhythm

Health Promotion

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Maximize the benefits of an orthopedic mattress by doing relaxation exercises as one of your bedtime rituals. Lay a mat on the floor and kneel on all fours with your knees under hips and your hands under shoulders. Slowly take your bottom upwards, take one deep breath, then return to the starting position. Repeat this for 8 to 10 times.

The Orthocare Biorythm provides back support and more. Its Orthofirm foam cradles the body and relieves muscle pain. It also restores the body’s biorhythm balance with special minerals found in nature. Biorhythm is the internal clock that controls the different processes of the body. It set the secretion of hormones, the sleep-wake cycle and other biological cycles. The Orthocare Biorythm not only ensure you get the sleep you need each night. It can also help you achieve better health.


Distribute body pressure with Orthocare Harmony

Orthocare Harmony

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Back pain is not just a simple discomfort. It can seriously affect the quality of your life. The paralyzing pain can disrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling fatigued and moody the following morning. Uratex Philippines’ Orthocare Harmony allows optimal body support with its layers of natural latex and high-resilient foam. This revolutionary mattress distributes pressures equally all over your body, thus relieving pain.

Heat can help reduce back muscle pain. You can have a hot bath before going to bed. This can also facilitate the onset of sleep because taking a hot bath lowers the body temperature. The body’s temperature drops as your enter the different stages of sleep.


Stressed or not, Orthocare Symmetry ensures a restful sleep

Stressed or Not

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It’s easy to dismiss back pain when it doesn’t linger for a long time. You can experience it for a few days while working on an important presentation or in a highly stressful assignment. This non-specific back pain goes away eventually, but would likely recur. You need a mattress that can provide you the restful sleep you need whether you’re drowning in stress or not.

Check out one of the best orthopedic beds in the Philippines, the Orthocare Symmetry. This premier mattress is made of high-resilient premium foam that distributes body pressure evenly. No more stiff back, aching shoulders and joint pains. The Orthocare Symmetry also features an interconnecting foam cell structure that allows free air circulation.


Reverse the impact of sitting with exercise and Orthocare Bliss Extra Firm

Orthocare Bliss

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Sitting is now regarded as the “new smoking”. Staying on your seat in the office or library for long hours can result to increased load on the spine and loss in the natural curve the backbone. If not addressed early on, this can lead to changes in posture and muscle strength. A sedentary lifestyle is also linked to lingering back pain, obesity and heart diseases. Doctors recommend taking a break at least 5 minutes every two hours of sitting down. You can walk around the room or do some stretching exercises.

After a long day in the office, you can walk around your village for 10-20 minutes. Circle your shoulders and turn your head gently from side to side every 5 minutes. This daily exercise can help reverse the negative impact of sitting. Sleep on Orthocare Bliss Extra Firm and feel your stressors dissolve away. This orthopedic bed is made of eco-friendly latex foam that distributes body pressure, cushions body movement and helps correct sleeping position.

Don’t neglect the stiffness on your neck or the shooting pain on your back. These may go away or may linger on. Visit your doctor to avoid any possible complications. You can also explore health tips to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Consider replacing your years-old mattress with a high-quality bed. You can check out orthopedic beds prices online and shop away.