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Best Mattress Checklist: Five Things to Look for in a Brand

Are you aware of the five key qualifications that you should look for in a mattress foam brand? If you’re planning to buy a new one, remember that the bed foam that you will choose is just as crucial as the brand that made it. You want a maker that is committed to superior quality, advanced technology, and world-class standards.

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Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

As a top foam and mattress brand Philippines, Uratex prides itself in upholding values to deliver the best possible bed foam products for a dream-worthy sleep. Before buying a new mattress, learn the five exceptional qualities that the brand sustains to help you gain insight and make the right decision.


1. Choose a brand that strongly adheres to quality

It can be a challenge to pick the best memory foam mattress given all the options. Making the right decision is important because the bed serves as your recharging hub at night.

best mattress strongly adheres to quality

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

One of the key qualities Uratex prides itself in is its commitment to offering high-quality foams and mattresses. Each product is subjected to careful evaluation by the Uratex Quality Assurance Program. This ensures the quality of any mattress you choose.

The Cool Reverie Pinnacle is made of Uratex foam that guarantees you get the best deal. The brand’s strong adherence to quality also means that you get a mattress designed with style and aesthetics in mind. It doesn’t just look high-quality; the mattress also feels that it’s built to provide support and comfort for your body.


2. Assurance from expert accreditation and approval

best mattress expert accreditation and approval

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A significant part of your mattress requirements should include expert accreditation and approval. At Uratex, expert reliance has enabled the creation of revolutionary mattresses which can make good on its promise to provide luxurious sleep. Having experts back up a brand can put consumers at ease, making them feel more confident that what they’re buying has passed strict regulations. Each Uratex foam is crafted in plants that are ISO 9001 certified. It’s a globally-recognized accrediting body that ensures international standards are enforced in the improvement and implementation of management processes.

Having an ISO 9001 certification confirms the capability of Uratex as a brand to effectively compete both locally and globally. Today when many Filipino consumers want to make a smart purchase decision, the stamp of ISO 9001 in a quality foam and mattress in the Philippines provides an assurance that what they’re getting has undergone a rigorous and expert quality management system.


3. Is the foam created with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery?

best mattress state-of-the-art

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

When it comes to considerations for foam and mattress brand in the Philippines, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology is important. The right machines and technology can provide you with the best possible mattress, which can have features like back support, alleviation of pressure points, and plush comfort. As the industry foam leader in the country, Uratex continues to partner with other innovators such as Hennecke, one of most advanced machinery brands in Germany. Through this partnership, Uratex has acquired the Hennecke Multiflex machine, a machine used by top global foam manufacturers. It has intelligent precision and the engineering process is designed to produce high-grade foams. Its high pressure system ensures that the foam can regulate air while remaining block-free from pinholes and defects.

Because Uratex employs top machines and advanced technology, its foams have superior physical quality. A good example is the Perfect Serenity Chimera, which offers sturdy support for back pain and helps distribute equal and even pressure throughout the body. The feel of the mattresses have been compared to lying down on feather-like base because of the cushiony surface that offers firm support underneath while allowing better air circulation.


4. Always a good idea to go for world-class foam

best mattress world-class foam

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

World-class innovation is key for a brand to remain a leader in producing and maintaining high-quality mattresses. The commitment of Uratex in innovation is reflected in its dedication to continuously make advances in foam and sleep design. Through its Foam Research and Development and Process Engineering departments, Uratex ensures that its team of experts gains new knowledge and experience through seminars, trainings, and workshops. Some of these functions are conducted by renowned industry luminaries such as Andre Van de Velde, David Cheong, Brian Anthony, and John McNeill, who have decades of global experience in foam creation and innovation. Uratex’s own team of experts also regularly conducts plant visits in Asia and Europe to further learn from the latest in manufacturing process management improvements.

While all Uratex foams can confidently be included in any smart checklist and the best mattress reviews, the revolutionary Senso Memory Ultima Plus can be mentioned here as a good example of world-class innovation. It is a mattress ideal for the Philippine climate because of its cooling technology, providing solution to hot and uncomfortable nights. The body needs to cool down for a comfortable sleep, and the Senso Memory Ultima Plus can effectively address this thanks to the innovative spirit at Uratex.


5. Only the best raw materials

best mattress raw materials

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Being a top mattress brand, Uratex only makes use of the best raw materials. Its international suppliers include industry giants such as Bayer, BASF, Shell, Dow, and Mitsui. The bed foams are created with superior materials that ensure comfort and support. A good example is the patented Sanitized® technology of Uratex. It’s another Uratex innovation made possible by the use of Tencel knitted fabric, which is created with the essence of the eucalyptus tree. The Tencel fabric is a special yarn that helps maintain comfortable sleep while effectively providing protection against the growth of bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites. This is great news for those concerned about hygiene, safety, and comfort.

For the ecologically conscious, the NuLeaf Mattress is another variant made from 30% renewable polyol and natural palm oil essence to sustain a hypoallergenic sleeping environment. Other notable variants include the Uratex Premium Touch Romance mattress, which is infused with the relaxing aroma of ylang-ylang, cinnamon, and ginseng—a great combination for a tranquil and relaxing slumber.

Use this best mattress buying guide and the five qualifications indicated here in finding your perfect foam and mattress brand. Be sure to check out the exciting foam mattresses available at Uratex, and see for yourself the many benefits of a good mattress on your well-being.