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Get the Most Out of Your Mattress

I recently had lunch with an old friend and she shared to me how particular she was about keeping her bed clean. My friend and her husband made a rule that neither of them were to sit or touch or get into their bed, unless they were showered and wore clean clothes or pajamas. I reacted and immediately asked, “But what if you don’t take a shower in the evenings!?” and the other girls around the table nodded their heads. I’m actually laughing as I’m writing this, because as my friends and I have grown into the early 30s age category and many are now starting their own families and becoming homeowners, we’ve gravitated towards such kind of topics when we get together.

Invest in a durable and comfy mattress that will give you restful sleep, night after night!

All the same, I took heed of her rule. Keeping your bed clean is a great way to protect your bed mattress and preserve it for long-term use. Especially if you don’t wash your sheets too frequently!  One of the major gauges that you’d need to throw out and replace your mattress is if it becomes extremely dirty. Change your mattress if it has gone through several floods of liquids, and if there had been an infestation of dust mites and bed bugs, because these cannot be undone or outdone by any kind of cleaning solution. And you wouldn’t want to sleep in such a bed condition anyway.

Another red flag would be deformity. In a previous post, there was mention of balancing the pressure on the mattress by periodically rotating the mattress to even out the sagginess that has come about over time. Personally, I’ve been sleeping on the same side of my bed for close to 6 years now and have just recently made a conscious effort to habitually sleep on the other side. And yes, 6 years of sleeping on just one side of the bed has done its fair share of permanently re-shaping my mattress. Consider investing in a mattress topper because its function is to absorb most of the wear and tear that comes with use. 

Again, take good care of your mattress so that you can prolong its lifespan, save some thousands of pesos, and sleep soundly!