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Do Moon Phases Affect Sleep Cycles?

Full Moon

The moon is an emblem of illuminating beauty available to all the people of the world. Enamored by its silent elegance, countless couples spend romantic hours under its dim, calm light. While the moon seems to be perfectly associated with wonderful scenes that are ideal for dreams, it in fact affects the process of sleep itself.

Thanks to a recent research done by the Swiss, it was found out that moon phases have effects on people’s sleep. This connection was discovered by testing 33 healthy men and women, with ages ranging 20 to 74. Inside a sleeping laboratory, their melatonin levels, total sleep time, and delta sleep time (known as the deepest sleep as gauged by EEG) were monitored and interpreted in the end in relation to the moon’s phases.

During full moons, it was noticed that the production of melatonin, (a hormone known for regulating sleep), total sleep time, and delta sleep time were in their lowest levels. It was also found out that it was during a full moon when the test subjects took the longest time to fall asleep and reach REM sleep, the state when having dreams is most possible.

Meanwhile, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Basel suggested that it could also be that we possess a lunar clock inside our heads (just like some animals) which would explain why our sleeping cycle is highly affected by the cycles of the moon. Fascinating stuff, right? These theories and discoveries alike surprised many people as the moon is commonly identified as a mere light-giving and mood-setting celestial body.

Because of such additional knowledge, we are now able to develop helpful strategies to help ourselves fall asleep faster during those times when we are prone to circadian sleep disorders due to the moon’s lunar circle.

Since the human body has a hard time getting a falling asleep and getting deep sleep when the moon is full, people can be more particular about their comfort during these times. Having relaxing rituals like listening to classical music, reading books, and having a massage can help the body to be more relaxed and ready for sleep even when the moon is full.

Of course, having a clean, soft, and durable bed mattress will always contribute to better sleep. That is why it is universally suggested that you get only beds/foams that are proven and tested not just in terms of quality but also in terms of your preference to the idea of comfort.