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Bed Myths: One-Size-Fits-All Bed

There are a lot of products today with the tag-line, “one size fits all”. They range from caps, clothes, sporting equipments, and even home furniture. When it comes to beds, however, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all bed. Even if you intend to use it just for yourself, size does matter. As you would know, there are three dimensions to consider: the height, the length, and the width. Let me discuss the importance of the three dimensions.

Uratex offers numerous mattress options on design, type and size to fit your needs and lifestyle.

  • Height — The thickness of the mattress becomes all the more important if you’re the person who sleeps on the floor with the mattress. I recently moved to a condo and I currently sleep on the floor with my Uratex mattress while I look for a good bed frame. I bought a mattress that’s six-inch thick because I don’t want the coolness of the floor to affect my body temperature especially during dawn. I had a choice between a four-inch thickness and a six-inch thickness when I was buying my mattress and I decided to go for the thicker one because of the support. The price difference isn’t that big between the two. When you already have a bed frame, a four-inch mattress would already suffice. It’s thick enough to provide excellent support and it’s lighter than the six-inch mattress.
  • Length — Obviously, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when there are people growing only up to 5 feet and some people growing up to 7 feet. What’s important with length is not to have a length that’s only exactly as long as your height. Always have some extra length even if you’re not the person who keeps on moving around. For a good estimate, your bed length should be a few inches longer than your height with your hands stretched up in the sky while you’re in tip-toe position.
  • Width — The width would really matter if you’re the type of person who tosses and turns a lot while sleeping. I’m a person who moves a lot that’s why the bed I bought has a length that’s about longer than my arm’s reach in a horizontal position. Uratex has a lot of options when it comes to bed sizes.

Remember, you’re going to spend about 8 hours a day on that bed – that’s roughly the same number of hours that you spend working, so make sure to invest in a bed that not only fits your lifestyle by being hypoallergenic or therapeutic, but also literally fits you.