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Sleep Superstitions Debunked! 5 Myths You Should Stop Believing

mythbustersEverybody needs a good night’s sleep on their bed mattress; not getting enough of it isn’t good for you. There are many reasons why people have trouble catching some sleep, including certain health disorders like insomnia as well as a list of bad habits. As if these aren’t enough, however, lack of sleep is also attributed to a set of superstitions. Outrageous, isn’t it?

So if you’ve grown up believing some of these bedtime myths then let’s try to prove some of them wrong. Let’s go!


Don’t Clip Your Toenails before Bedtime

clipping toenailsFor many children, this belief has become so redundant and annoying. Others, though, still get scared of trimming down their toenails before hitting the sack, believing that doing so would cause their parent’s or their loved ones’ untimely deaths. Well, it might be a nuisance sometimes to use your clippers at night but that doesn’t mean you’d inadvertently and paranormally kill someone if you do! That’s just way too silly!


Sleeping With the Fan Switched On All Night Will Kill You

death by fanElectric fans are made to provide you some refreshing air and to keep you comfortable. However, some South Koreans believe otherwise! In fact, they think that sleeping with the appliance turned on all night would eventually cause your demise. Think we’re making it up? Well, what if we tell you that it was featured in their news? Apparently they did! And although it’s still not proven, the country nevertheless responded by having built-in automatic timers in their electric fans, making sure it turns off after they dozed off – no matter how hot it gets!


Cats Kill Sleeping Infants

angry catNotoriously known and stereotyped as sleep demons, cats are believed by their haters to murder infants while they’re snoozing away. And although there hasn’t been at least one case or incident of this occurring, they think you should not take your chances – especially if you have one in your house. In truth, however, our furry feline buddies aren’t really after our babies. So you can rest assured that your pet cat isn’t going to snuck up in your kid’s cradle oozing malevolence. Well, at least we hope so!


Kita Makura

kita makuraKita Makura is a Japanese superstition regarding the direction of your pillows and how it can affect you’re death. It goes like this: if your pillow faces north, death will be upon you; when the pillows face south, you’re likely to swallow your tongue. Ludicrous as it may seem, a lot of Japanese (particularly the elderly) still believe this is true, acting diligently and accordingly to prevent such bad omens. However, there’s yet a case to be found where someone died or swallowed his tongue after sleeping with his pillow in the wrong direction.


You Must Sleep in a Warm Environment

white bed and pillowsPeople usually say, you need to cover yourself warm to fall asleep faster. On the contrary, warm temperature makes us sweat more while we sleep, that usually results to more tossing and turning. Keeping an ideal cool environment not only helps you fall asleep faster, but also promotes a sound, undisruptive sleep. Luckily, there are mattresses and pillows that have certain sleep technologies that adapts with your body, to help you give the ideal sleeping temperature. You can try Uratex Premium Senso Memory Ultima mattress and pillow set. Specially formulated with Hydragel® beads and Tencel® fabric, to help you sleep cool and comfy throughout the night.