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8 Functional Nap Buddies to Make Siesta Time More Fun for the Kids!

Nap is a no-nonsense component of growing up. Kids—infants, toddlers, and preschoolers—need regular nap time to recharge and reboot every day. During daytime siesta, children develop mentally and physically, making them healthier as they grow up. And in the case of the parents, nap times give them a few extra hours to do some chores, run errands or just relax for a bit.

Sleep requirements are mostly a case-by-case basis, but general nap guidelines can help parents. Infants from 0 to 6 months sleep 14 to 18 hours a day and sleep on and off during the day. Babies from 6 to 12 months sleep 14 hours a day with usually two naps. Toddlers aged 1 to 3 years old generally require 12 hours of sleep, including an afternoon nap of up to 3 hours. Preschoolers who have play school in their schedule average 11 to 12 hours of sleep plus an afternoon nap. When they reach the school age of 5 to 12 years old, sleep requirements go down to 10 to 11 hours, with an afternoon nap usually exchanged for early bedtime.

Children at some point will outgrow napping, but in their early stages of development, it is as vital as eating healthy. But a common dilemma among parents and guardians is how to easily get kids to take their nap, especially when they reach the age when all they want to do is to play. This is when siesta time hacks for kids come in handy. Apart from setting a workable napping routine, affordable nap buddies can also help do the trick. The idea is to make the little ones excited for bed and feel safe and comfortable while taking a nap.

Make kids’ nap time fun with these items.

Bed of full comfort

Nap Buddies Bed Full of Comfort

A lot of kids would rather play than sleep. Make napping an exciting part of their day by creating an ideal napping environment. Pick a mattress foam that provides support and comfort. The Uratex Perfect Serenity Kids offers a you a mattress wrapped in soft and velvety fabric with comfort layers composed of Permagreen foam and Purifoam. Permagreen provides medium firmness for adequate support while Purifoam provides additional firmness to promote good posture, alleviate body strains from playing, and correct sleeping positions.

And if you want your kids’ nap not to be distracted by those pesky flying objects, there’s Perfect Serenity Anti-Mosquito bed. The mattress comes with a formulation that repel mosquitoes while your child sleeps. It is also sanitized to protect against bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites.

When picking a mattress for your little one, never compromise comfort and safety.

Cradle of love

Nap Buddies Cradle of Love

Babies are a fragile bunch. You want to hold them really close when their asleep. Give them the comfort and make them feel your love when taking naps during the day with napping buddies perfect for their tender years.

The Uratex Kids Soft Recliner acts like a portable cradle. It is perfect for babies who sleep in an inclined position. It is shaped like a slope to keep the baby from sliding out, while the sides are raised slightly so the baby won’t roll out. The Uratex Sleep Positioner is a foam pad designed with an elevated surface and side edges so that the baby is in place throughout the night. You may put this foam inside the crib or on top of your bed if you sleep next to your baby. It is also designed to help regularize a baby’s breathing. Finally, the Uratex Kids Sleep Support has a firm cushion for adequate body support. It also helps to naturally correct spine alignment. These kiddie Uratex mattresses are very portable and you can place them in airy and sunny places around the house or bring them with you when you travel.

At home in a crib

Nap Buddies Home in the Crib

Babies stay in a crib until they are able to stand and walk. It is their territory, their first sanctuary. But apart from the structure of a crib, parents have to ensure that the mattress foam can support the baby’s growing up needs.

The Uratex Quilted Crib Mattress is a specially made high-quality foam with medium firmness to deliver a balance of support and comfort. It promotes good body posture and natural spine alignment. The foam is covered in quilted fabric. The Purifoam Crib Mattress, on the other hand, has a special formulation that protects against allergens and microbes. It has a firm feel and is encased in a premium, knitted fabric for enhanced comfort.

Play, sit, and sleep

Nap Buddies Play Sit and Sleep

Toddlers and preschoolers like to do things with their hands: eat, play, mold, draw, and write. Sleep and naps are no longer fun. But you can mix fun and function in a sofa with the Kiddie Sit and Sleep set. This sofa bed can be flipped to serve as a sofa during playtime and a bed during nap time. It is lightweight and can be moved around the house. It is covered in different Disney-themed cases and also comes with comfortable pillows.

There are a lot of sofa beds for sale that parents can choose from. It is a smart buy not only because kids can use them during naps but also to provide extra sleeping space for guests.

Cuddly nap buddies

Cuddly Nap Buddies

Toddlers have a special attachment to toys and stuffed animals. They form a special bond with these cuddly, furry toys who they come to know as their “first friends.” But these playthings are not just toys, they teach children valuable lessons such as how to communicate their emotions in a playful manner during role play. Dolls and stuffed toys also help toddlers deal with separation anxiety, according to child psychologist Paul Donahue. It is very crucial when you are trying to sleep separately with your child or making her or him follow a nap schedule. These “comfort items” make them feel safe and secure.

Build a sleep sanctuary

Nap Buddies Sleep Sanctuary

One of the most effective nap tips for kids is to create a sleep sanctuary. Don’t drive him around in a car seat or push him in a stroller until he falls asleep. These extraordinary measures are usually very difficult to sustain and, as a parent, you won’t always have the time and energy for this.

Dr. Lewis Kass, a pediatric sleep specialist in New York, said the best nap environment is somewhere “cool, dark, and quiet.” This means you can’t have the baby in a crib near to where you are vacuuming. The sanctuary doesn’t always have to be in a room but any place in the house that is cool, dark, and quiet. Use light-blocking shades and keep people or pets away from your napping child.

Pillows, blankets, and the works

Nap Buddies Pillow Blankets and Work

Most babies and toddlers seem to have a favorite pillow or blanket. If you know your kid well enough, you’ll know what they need to fall asleep. Surround them with comfortable pillows and cover them in a sheet that feels cozy to them. Sometimes, they want the pillows between their legs and the sheets just touching their toes. The idea is to make them feel comfortable and safe.

Squeeze some playtime

Nap Buddies Playtime

Nap times are all about routines and schedules. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scheme. Some children can just fall asleep easily while some don’t. Some have rituals, some don’t. But if you want to get your kids excited for nap time, squeeze in some play time in the routine. Activities that are quiet and uses the mind are preferred for napping. Blocks and puzzles keep children busy in an environment that is quiet and comfortable.

Kids will eventually outgrow napping. But before they do, make sure they get all the benefits of siesta time for their holistic growth.Nap is a no-nonsense component of growing up. Kids—infants, toddlers, and preschoolers—need regular nap time to recharge and reboot every day. During daytime siesta, children develop mentally and physically, making them healthier as they grow up. And in the case of the parents, nap times give them a few extra hours to do some chores, run errands or just relax for a bit.