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Natural Remedies to Insomnia

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So here you are again. The day is done, the sun is gone, and the curtains of the night drapes the horizon. It’s time to sleep again. Another night, another time to relax, you say to yourself. So you lie down on your nice foam bed and try to sleep. Then it happens.

Your eyes are closed, but your mind is racing. Ideas and thoughts of work, deadlines, and things to do fly around your head like incessant mosquitoes during the height of a tropical summer. You beg for sleep. Just this night. Just this night. Please, you silently wish. But no sleep comes.

You check your clock, and an hour passed by already. An hour of precious sleep just flew away. Never to be recovered. Then a second hour passes. You still haven’t slept. Are you kidding me?! You ask yourself in helplessness and almost anger. But, it won’t help. It struck again. We call it insomnia.

Now there are many kinds of insomnia. You can read all about it in a series of articles previously written about the different kinds of insomnia. There are almost 10 of them, but I won’t delve into that here since that’s not the focus of this article. But at large, you know the topic – insomnia. Pretty sure you’ve experienced it, and I’m pretty sure it’s not something you enjoy.

So we’re going to want to remedy that. Here are natural remedies to rid yourself of insomnia. Be warned that this is not a giant list of herbal medicines that claim to magically take away your sleep disorder. By “natural” remedies, I mean cures that are outside of the normal method which are usually a plethora of side-effect saturated medications. These cures are easy to do, and are generally accepted.

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Make sure your sleeping environment suits you

Sleep is extremely affected by your surroundings. Being exposed to a noisy environment that’s polluted with unnecessary lights will only pull you farther and farther away from your goal of sleep. The easiest and most immediate solution to problems sleeping is by making sure you are comfortable in all aspects. That includes the bed mattress you have, the sheets you put on it, the scent of your room, and sights and sounds and lack of them.

Stick to a regular sleeping schedule

Your body has what’s called a circadian rhythm, just like the rest of nature. Everything else from trees to animals to insects have it. It’s the way they adjust to the Earth’s 24-hour cycle. As a human being who has his own set of activities, you are no exception. Your body will subconsciously adjust to a regular sleeping schedule.

If you are in the habit of sleeping too late or too early on some days and the exact opposite on other days, you are definitely up for insomnia. Literally, up all night. Even on weekends, train your body to follow a regular sleeping schedule. Nothing’s more natural than synchronizing your body clock with the Earth’s rotation.


Avoid unnecessary naps

Naps are a thing you hate when you were a kid, and they’re something you long for once you’re a working adult. It’s a fleeting luxury to a lot of us, but don’t be fooled. Up front, naps seem like a decent answer to sneaking more sleep in your busy schedule, but naps in excess actually break up your body clock’s alignment.

Sleeping during the day will cause your body to be too rested to be sleepy enough during the night. When the night comes, being not able to sleep properly and getting that deep sleep before the morning is not worth those 30 minutes during the day. Great problems have small innocent beginnings, too.

Avoid caffeine and carbohydrate-rich foods

Caffeine acts as a stimulant to the nervous system which keeps us awake. Caffeine is also found in common sodas and soft drinks. Foods that are high in carbohydrates also cause insomnia. If taken in excess, even foods that have medium carbohydrate content will cause sleeplessness. Allow me to refresh you what foods have carbohydrates.

Essentially, the “Go” foods are the ones with carbohydrates. These are bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals, grains, etc. They make you “Go.” That’s why we eat cereals and grains and bread in the morning. To put it simply, these foods are “body fuels” that causes us to “Go.” But at night, you don’t want to “Go” anymore, do you? You want to rest.

The best way to fight insomnia is to go around it and avoid it. With that in mind, I hope your next slumber will be pleasant. Sweet Dreams!

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