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Product Review: Orthocare Mattress

URATEX Orthocare Mattress
URATEX Orthocare Mattress

It’s written that too much of anything is too bad. Too much or too little eating, working, sleeping, studying, computer, etc is degrading and noticeably not healthy at all to the health. It’s pretty obvious. Too much of both extremes in characteristics is equally undesirable.

I mean, let’s take any regular human being for example. Too much or too little productivity, relaxation, seriousness, humor, etc. is indeed unwelcome. It’s all about balance. Now, taking this hipster-deep perception of the comings and goings of this deep artistic videogame we call life, I can make the same conclusion regarding whatever product or object you buy or use.

And since you’re reading this article from the sleep-focused and mattress-oriented blog of URATEX Philippines, we’ll apply this principle of rightful balance in the act of choosing the right bed mattress.

Having a mattress that is too soft can compensate support. This type of bed restricts movement and is really bad for your spine. On the other hand, a mattress that’s too stiff will do you no good as well. I mean, no one wants to sleep on a stone bed, I’m sure. You see, comfort is not all about having a really soft bed or having a really firm supportive bed. It’s being a perfect mixture of two – like Goldilocks: Not too soft, not too stiff, but just right.

URATEX Bed Mattresses

So where is Orthocare between the two?

There are plenty of factors that make up the perfect sleep. I can categorize three of them for you – Comfort, Consistency, and Deepness. First off with comfort, there are three sub-categories under it. There’s muscular comfort, skeletal comfort, and thermal comfort. With the Orthocare Mattress, there’s no sweat with having all three.

You see, the Orthocare mattress is made of high-density polyurethane foam which ensures support and a multi-zone topper which makes the superior comfort a reality. The special and most notable thing about the Orthocare mattress is its “multi-zone” quality. What this means is that there are zones in the topper that vary with softness firmness.

The level of firmness is different for your hips, neck, and shoulders. Now, ain’t that neat? The consistency of comfort usually depends on the little things that vary in the ebb of the night. For example most primarily is discomfort due to heat. With the Orthocare mattress, that variable doesn’t even have to exist because of its breathable open-pore cell structure that allows proper air circulation.

As for the deepness of sleep, it’s easy to say that deepness is directly related to consistency. The longer you maintain your sleep without interruption the deeper and deeper you fall into the wonderful realm of slumberland. So to finally answer where the Orthocare mattress ranks, it’s right in the core of “Goldilocks zone.” In other words: Just Right.

The Orthocare mattress is, without any sniff of a doubt, “hospital quality.” The improved equal distribution of pressure completely decimates and eliminates pressure points as much as Michael Bay movies decimate and eliminate plot and sense in films.
It provides perfect support and relieves contact pressure. No more worries about bacteria and mildew too, since the whole mattress is Sanitized©. So there you have it, I hope I painted a picture to show you what it’s like. Good night!