Our sense of smell stays active even when we sleep. Enjoy a fresh, odor-free sleeping environment with Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh. Specially formulated with complex compounds that effectively eliminate all unwanted odors from the body

Built for long-lasting freshness

Aura Fresh helps you sleep better by driving away unpleasant odors and maintaining a fresh, clean sleeping environment.

  • Get rid of bad odors

    Developed with complex compounds that eliminate unpleasant smells from our body that accumulate over time.

  • Ventilate your sleeping space

    Convoluted layers in between foam let air circulate freely and deliver better comfort feel.

  • Keep bed safe
    and hypoallergenic

    Treated with Sanitized© that effectively protects against bacteria, molds, odor, and dust mites.

The Science Behind Your Fresh and Clean Sleep

Using the Gastec method, chemical substances that simulate body fluids or unwanted odors were tested on a regular fabric vs. fabric treated with Aura Fresh. Studies show that the fabric with Aura Fresh treatment was able to diffuse concentrate, keeping it odor-free.



1. Urine odor

DosageInitial concentration urine [ppm]Conc. urine after 23 min [ppm]
Untreated10 μl 5%480220
Treated with AURA FRESH10 μl 5%48010

2. Hydrogen Sulfide

DosageInitial concentration Hydrogen sulfide [ppm]Conc. Hydrogen Sulfide after 60 min [ppm]
Untreated120 μl 1% H2 SO4
40 μl 1% Na2 S
Treated with AURA FRESH120 μl 1% H2SO4
40 μl 1% Na2S

3. Methyl mercaptan

DosageInitial concentration Methyl mercaptan [ppm]Conc. Methyl mercap-tan after 60 min [ppm]
Untreated10 μl 1%6030
Treated with AURA FRESH10 μl 1%605

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