The Best Pillow For You

August 13, 2011

Aside from a comfortable bed, one of the vital ingredients of a good night’s sleep is a comfy pillow. But take note, a comfy pillow for one person may not necessarily give the same amount of comfort to another. Every person has his own preference, and I’m here to help you decide what is the best type of pillow for you.

Soft and Cozy

Extra soft pillows are good. Admit it. It’s a must-do indulgence to go on vacation and sink into the hotel’s extra soft pillows the minute you enter your room. It’s nice to have an extremely fluffy and cuddly pillow. In fact, it’s easier to fall asleep on a soft pillow due to the immediate comfort it gives. However, you may not be as comfortable when you wake up because the pillow has already flattened and sunk to a level that’s not good for your neck.

Firm and Supportive

It’s also good to have a nice, firm pillow. Did you know the best alignment for your neck is three inches higher than your body when sleeping? Soft pillows certainly can’t keep it at that level all night – hard, firm pillows are used for this. It provides the right alignment for your neck so you wake up free from neck pain and stiffness.

Molds to your head and neck

It’s also wonderful to have a foam pillow that contours to the shape of your head and neck. It relieves pressure points for blood circulation, which of course, is particularly important for your head and neck. It also distributes your weight evenly, yet at the same time adjusting to your shape. Due to the characteristics of foam pillows to isolate movement and weight, it can support your neck and at the same time take all the weight of your tired head. Now isn’t that a marvel?

Uratex Contour Plus

Now, I want to introduce to you a wonderful innovation of Uratex. This pillow, aptly called Contour Plus, not only provides excellent support to your neck and comfort to your head, it also has two contoured sides to support the cervical spine properly. It’s also unique since this pillow has two sleeping surfaces, this gives you the support you need. But that’s not all. The “waffle bubbles” on this pillow, which gives it an egg-tray look, provide better pressure relief for your neck and head.


Uratex Contour Plus gives you the best of both worlds

Another advantage of this pillow is that it lets air circulate under you, which means that it doesn’t turn as hot as easily as feather pillows. You won’t wake up in the middle of the night because your pillow is getting uncomfortably warm – no more middle of the night pillow flips with the Uratex Contour Plus. And of course, it’s made of polyfoam, which makes it a very comfortable pillow that has all the benefits of being lightweight, gives you equal weight distribution, movement isolation, and so on. With Uratex Contour Plus, you certainly got the best of both worlds.