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How Pillows Affect Your Sleep

Sleep is a pivotal activity in our daily lives. It is what keeps our energy level constantly high to be able carry out our duties and responsibilities.

After a day of hard work, it is only fitting to reward yourself with a good night’s sleep. And to be able to indulge in the best sleeping experience possible, it is essential for you to use the proper kinds of pillows. Some people prefer a firm pillow, others require a fluffy pillow to hug, while still others need three pillows in order to sleep. It is important to note that the material that makes up a pillow contributes to the amount of comfort you will experience. Its softness or firmness will affect how your neck is supported. And its over-all performance will dictate the quality of your sleep.

They may be small and light, but pillows carry a great weight in determining the quality of your sleep.

Pillows made of bird down feathers are common in the market today. Its softness will surely make you want to sleep for as long as possible. But here’s the catch, down feather pillows are not known to provide good support for your neck. Thus, it is highly possible for you to get a stiff neck when you wake up. Furthermore, noise is produced whenever you turn sides so your sleep might get interrupted whenever you change a position.

Cotton pillows provide good neck support. This pillow is not too soft and it is quite easy to maintain. The apparent downside in using cotton pillows is that they have the tendency to flatten over time. One day, you’ll just wake up and see that your pillow is too flat already, and mind you, there’s no way to remedy this problem.

Wool pillows won’t let you experience the same problems you would encounter with its cotton counterpart. It lasts relatively longer and it is not too soft. Unfortunately, most wool pillows are too firm and will earn you a stiff neck when you wake up.

Memory foam and polyfoam pillows are the best ones available in the market. These types of pillows provide you with the comfort you desire, without the pain of waking up to a stiff neck. They give you proper neck support by adjusting and molding according to your weight. Pretty soft and free of noise, these kinds of pillows will surely give you a good sleep.

There’s no doubt that the pillows you use affect the quality of your sleep. It might take a while for you to find the pillow that fits your needs. But, one thing is for sure, it will be worth the effort.