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Popular TV Series With Legendary Living Rooms

A lot of us enjoy watching television while cozying down on the sofa bed, munching on pizza or popcorn, with the company of our families or friends. And while watching our favorite TV shows, we can’t help but notice, and sometimes envy, their sets, especially the different parts of the house. Perhaps, one of our most favorite parts of our favorite show’s house is the living room because that is the epicenter of all socialization between characters. Here we’ve listed popular TV series with legendary living rooms.

sofa bed 9 Friends

Just like the search results you find in when you google New York apartment living room, Friends’ living room is as spacious as one needs for one long couch and one short one, a square wooden table in between, and a long table at the side for books and directories. And if you think that’s still not enough room, then there’s still enough extra space for a potted plant, a television, and some more chairs.

sofa bed 10How I Met Your Mother

Like any other sitcoms, the living room is the heart of the show, with its characters always hanging there. What makes it great is the living room’s balance between red and tawny brown. It is fully covered in brown, and its sofa and carpet being brown with hints of red.

sofa bed 11American Horror Story: Murder House

American Horror Story’s first season used a 1907 Gothic home that was also featured on other noted series like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, and Grey’s Anatomy. Its living room can be considered one-of-a-kind, with it being heavily covered with wood. Its fireplace that is located at the center of the room also adds to its mysterious but welcoming ambiance.

sofa bed 12American Horror Story: Coven

As compared to its first season’s set, American Horror Story: Coven took on a slightly minimalistic approach. Set in New Orleans, Miss Robicheaux’s Academy for the gifted is known in real life as the Buckner Mansion. The mansion was painted white inside and out that other colors definitely blended with it greatly.

Its living room is also painted white, with various “accessories” to give it more attitude. Its white ceiling was decorated with a crystal chandelier that is hung right on top of a long rectangular study table. Its walls, while remaining white, are heavily decorated with numerous paintings of the previous Supremes. Its white wooden floor was covered with what an ancient rug big enough for a sofa, a small side table, a medium-sized rectangular table, and two chairs.

sofa bedDownton Abbey

If we’re talking about legendary places with legendary living rooms, we should not forget one of the finest Victorian mansions in England. Set in mid-1800s.The house, which was owned by the Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley, has a living room that was intricately decorated from the ceiling down to its carpet. The walls were painted with a pastel color, one of the Victorian era’s signatures, and complemented with gold designs and red carpet. You can definitely feel like time travelling back to the Victorian era just by looking at the photos.

sofa bed 13BBC Sherlock

It is common knowledge among literature fans, especially Sherlock fans, that Mr. Holmes lives in 221B Baker Street. BBC’s version of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes brought our beloved detective in the contemporary era, including the flat where he and Dr. Watson live. Their flat’s living room is where most of the action happens. It is mostly covered in brown furniture, and a red carpet that covers most of the room. What makes it extra remarkable is its wallpaper that is described by its manufacturer as “a luxurious large scale flock of a dark chocolate fleur de lis motif within a trellis pattern on a metallic background which various in color between aqua and cream.”

The best thing about Sherlock and John’s living room is the fact that there are only two seats in front of the fire place. One for each of them.

Bonus: The Simpsons

sofa bed 14It is the place where all the “meta-ness” takes place. During every opening credit, we all see the Simpsons family members hurriedly going to their living room, sitting down, and watching television together. Maybe the show they’re watching is the actual episode. It won’t be surprising if you ask something like “Why did they include an animation show on their list?” What we can say is that this show has been running since December 1989, with already 26 seasons. This has technically been a part of almost everyone’s childhood.

So there you have it, living rooms that are more famous than you and your entire house. Feeling envious? Well, try decorating your living room so that it can look like these small-screen spectacles. Who knows? Maybe the next big-shot series will be shot there.