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Portrait of a well-managed undertaking

By Business Mirror

PREMIUM mattress and foam brand Uratex celebrated its 45th year in the business by hosting an intimate media forum at the popular dining destination Fely J in Makati City.

Established in 1968—with a start-up capital of, believe it or not, just P45—the RGC Group of Companies, which is the engine behind the Uratex brand, is a far, far cry from its humble beginnings.

Today the company manufactures not only foam mattresses but also textiles, plastic products, radiators, leaf springs, metal parts, mufflers, automotive parts, foam for Toyota cars, as well as car seats for Mitsubishi since 1975.

Many Filipinos suffer from sleep problems, a health issue that has become widespread in a world of increasingly hurried lifestyles.

That’s why Uratex continues its advocacy in helping Filipinos get that good sleep by coming up with superior bed products.

“We have product lines that address different profiles and requirements. So it is advisable that you take time and test the mattress you bring home,” stressed Marketing Manager Dindo Medina, who added that the company “has passed ISO 9001 quality-assurance processes as makers using world-class products.”

The intimate luncheon also highlighted Uratex’s recent accolades from Reader’s Digest, whose readers honored the company with the Platinum Award as a trusted brand for the fifth consecutive year.

The votes were cast by consumers themselves.

Three years ago Uratex also won in the worldwide Quality Circle competition among enterprises for best practices.

Uratex enjoys a lion’s share of the foam market, cornering a chunky 70 percent of the segment.

Of its production composition, 52 percent is devoted to foam and mattresses, 22 percent in metalwork, 11 percent in fabrics and 15 percent in plasticware.

In 1983 the company went into velvet and corduroy making for car seats and bed covers. In 1989 it established an R&D Center and ventured further into toys, lingerie, electronic parts and packaging.

Uratex also produced fabrics for the stuffed toys of Blue Magic. In 2001 its food containers were launched. By 2008 operations expanded to Cebu.

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