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Posh Pillows Perfect for Christmas Gift for Everyone in The Family

Soon, it will be Christmas time. Ready or not, you have to start thinking about what to prepare for Christmas dinner, where to hold parties and reunions, and what to give everyone. And it gets tougher every year. You must be thinking of something new, something special, and something completely unexpected.

Gifts are specially complicated and you’d hate to end up wrapping a mug, a towel, or a box of chocolates. But when it comes to buying unique gifts for family, you have to go beyond what is trendy or even what they want. What makes a gift special is when you are able to recognize what they need, especially those that they never really thought of getting for themselves. What makes a gift special is its significance to the receiver — its meaning to him, how he will use it, and how it is going to make his life better.

The gift of comfort is something that never gets old. This Christmas, why not give your family that one thing that they are probably missing out on — a refreshing, rejuvenating sleep. A good item to bet on are pillows. Pillows contribute to the whole experience in more ways that you can imagine. It’s more than just the feeling of sleeping in a cloud of comfort, but giving essential health benefits in the most relaxed and tranquil way.

Here are posh pillows that are perfect gift ideas for family members this Christmas.


Pillow for a dreamy escape

Soft Escape Standard Pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex

You can never underestimate the importance of a plush, comfy pillow in getting a refreshing sleep. For family members who have been neglecting sleep (i.e. workaholics) or just finding it harder to dose off (i.e. parents and grandparents), the Soft Escape Pillow can help them drift off and escape to dreamland. It is made of high-density foam that feels like it is cradling you to sleep. Apart from the plush comfort, it also feels soft and smooth as it is encased in a microfiber cover.


Pillow for cool and refreshing sleep

Soft Escape Hydragel Pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex

Does your dad always complain about night sweats? Does your mom always had to flip her pillow because the other side feels cooler? Then, a perfect family Christmas gift exchange idea would be the Soft Escape Hydragel Pillow. It is made up of a high-quality foam that is infused with Hydragel beads that lower temperature for up to 2 degrees Celsius. The body’s temperature naturally goes down during the night and it requires a cool environment for it to sleep better and faster. This cooling pillow will help your brain and your body feel refreshed during sleep and upon waking up.


Pillow for optimum support

Senso Memory Cervical Pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex

With the wrong pillow, your neck could feel sore and stiff the next day. This could be why your parents or your siblings are sometimes feeling tired even if the day is just starting. Get them a Senso Memory Cervical Pillow that is made from premium memory foam that conforms to the shape of the head. It feels soft but it provides good support to the head, neck, and shoulders with its contoured top. This is a perfect gift idea for family members who needs to relieve pressure points in those key areas.

If you want more elevation for the head, there is the Senso Memory Wedge Pillow that comes in a triangular design. It is strategically shaped as such to allow higher elevation, which is known to support the abdomen and ideal for people suffering from acid reflux. It may also be used for leg support.


Pillow for hugging and side-sleeping

Pillow for Hugging

Photo courtesy of Uratex

Sleeping on the side, especially on the left side, is known to be one of the healthiest sleeping positions. It promotes blood flow, reduces acid reflux and heartburn, and relieves pressure off the spine. This is also considered the best sleeping position for pregnant women as it improves blood circulation, increasing the amount of nutrients that reach the placenta.

So if you have a pregnant member of the family or just those who like to hug something or have a pillow in between their legs when they sleep, the Senso Memory Bolster Pillow would be greatly appreciated. It is made of premium memory foam that gives optimum support to the head and adjusts to body movements. But since it comes in cylindrical form, it is also ideal for hugging and great for side sleepers.


Pillow for work and travel

Senso Memory Neckease Pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex

There’s a renewed appreciation for travel these days. Suddenly, it is one of everyone’s #LifeGoals. A brother or a sister who loves to travel or go on road trips would surely appreciate a travel pillow. But don’t just pick out any pillow from the store, show more thoughtfulness by giving them the Senso Memory Neckease Pillow. This travel pillow from Uratex Philippines is made of high-quality memory foam and covered in premium knitted fabric. It has the right firmness to keep you comfortable during a long plane or bus ride. You’d be so comfy around the head and neck that you’d think you were sleeping in your bed.

This travel pillow is also perfect for family members who had to sit all day in front of a computer at work. The neckease pillow will surely give that additional support to your head and neck for when you have to be chained to your desk.

If you are running out of gift ideas for family members this Christmas, explore the wide-range of options you have with pillows, which have already gone from just being soft and cuddly to healthy and revolutionary.