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Prevent Static Electricity from Disrupting Your Sleep with the New Edge Collection

There are many reasons why some people find it hard to sleep and stay asleep. Some have sleeping conditions, while others just think too much. It could also be that you’re stressed out and your body is feeling all the tension.

Apart from work-related stress, your body could also be reeling from the effects of static electricity, which, as we go along will change the way you look at mattresses.

Static electricity is normally produced by electrical equipment and by the friction of synthetic furnishings. Such friction can happen while you sleep. Sleeping too close to power cords or a night shade also exposes your body to static electricity, so always mind the location of your bed.

The human body is composed of positive and negative ions. They usually neutralize each other, but an imbalance of positive and negative charges may occur mainly due to friction. Static friction in your bed may lead to disruptive sleep, stress, and anxiety. If your mattress and beddings contain plastic, polyester, nylon, and other static clings, there’s a good chance you’ll experience static electricity while you sleep. You can choose from a variety of innovative mattresses to help you counter these effects.

Prevent Sleep Disrupt with New Edge Collection

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Good quality mattresses relieve your body of stress and tension. A new line of Uratex mattresses stabilize positive and negative charges for a tension-free sleep. Known as the Edge Collection, this line certainly has the edge in terms of innovation, and in giving you a long, high-quality slumber.

Edge Collection Mattress

Disrupt Sleep Edge Collection

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A groundbreaking product that promotes high-quality sleep, the Edge Collection Plain Mattress by Uratex is infused with activated charcoal, which is getting more popular as a natural way of ridding your body of toxins. It also has anti-static features that relax the body. A combination of these technologies make the Edge mattress a great partner for a truly healthy sleep. Best of all, it is encased in an anti-static knitted fabric that prevents accumulation of electrostatic and protects you from the negative effects of static electricity during sleep.

Edge Collection Quilted Mattress

Disrupt Sleep Edge Collection Quilted Mattress

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Another mattress from the Uratex Edge Collection is the Edge Collection Quilted Mattress. Just like a plain mattress, this Edge foam is infused with activated charcoal that also prevents mold and absorbs sweat better, giving you a clean, hygienic, and refreshing sleep. It comes with anti-static features, as well as a knitted, quilted fabric that prevents buildup of electrostatic that causes stress and tension.

This revolutionary mattress has medium firmness for comfort and support. It is also hypoallergenic.

Edge Collection Mattress Topper

Sleep Disrupt Edge Collection Mattress Topper

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

If you are not ready to replace your mattress but want to have a static-free sleep, you may opt for the Edge Collection Mattress Topper. This adds a layer of protection and cushion to your mattress. The Edge Topper is also infused with activated charcoal, has anti-static features, and made with knitted fabric. It perfectly complements your existing mattress as it enhances comfort and prevents disruptive sleep caused by static electricity. Don’t worry about the topper slipping out of position as it has garterized straps to keep it always in place.

Edge Collection Fold-A-Mattress

Sleep Disrupt Edge Collection Fold-a-mattress

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

If you want to bring with you the comfort and benefits of the Edge Collection wherever you go, try its Fold-A-Mattress. This foldable mattress is equipped with the same anti-static features of the collection’s mattresses, with a very portable advantage. The Edge foam is likewise infused with activated charcoal that prevents molds and provides a higher absorption of sweat while you sleep. The anti-static fabric also prevents further build-up of electrostatic that causes lack of sleep. It may be a mattress on-the-go, but its medium firmness and quality foam will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

This line of innovative mattresses can give you a comfortable sleep like never before. At a time when people find it harder to get a peaceful sleep, these mattress work doubly hard to prevent all other distractions that rob you of your precious sleep. You might have never heard of static electricity, much more of what it can do to your body and the quality of your sleep, but the Uratex Edge Collection went far and beyond for you to solve sleep problems that you didn’t even know existed.