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Prismatic Sleep: Colors in Dreams and their Meanings

by  Dinhosaur on Deviantart

We often see different scenes and images when we are in a deep slumber. We dream different dreams; we fall into places we never thought we would be. People come and go in our unconscious reveries—we see familiar and foreign faces and we spend a lifetime deciphering what they might mean. When we have nightmares, we find solace in our beds made of comfortable foam that we’ve had for years.

Some of us dream in black and white, but usually, our unconscious adventures are in screaming color. They can become so vivid that they all seem real. Apparently, colors in dreams could be symbolic of something significant that’s happening in your waking hours. It could also be reflective of your current state of mind and what’s happening in your psyche.

Read on to know more about colors in your dreams and their meanings!



Brown symbolizes the ground and earth. This could mean that you’re soaring too far up that you’re forgetting to stay connected to your roots. This color also symbolizes practicality, domestic life, and a materialistic personality. Maybe you’re too busy working on your career that you’re losing time for the important people in your life. Try slowing down a bit and actually live your life one day at a time.



Red is often associated with force, intense passion, energy, power, anger, and other strong emotions. Dreaming mainly in this color could mean that you have been suppressing anger for quite a long time. You are highly emotional and impulsive at the moment. You keep on thinking too much about your actions which results to you becoming paranoid.



Blue is the color of tranquility, calmness, and relaxation, openness, and truth. It indicates that you have a desire to get away. However, you are still spiritually-grounded and optimistic for the future. Your mind is clear enough while you’re dealing with pressing issues in your life.




Orange is a fun color that symbolizes freshness, vigor, and a free spirit. It is indicative of your hunger for new knowledge, creativity, and ability to communicate well with other people. Days are good for you and you’re feeling very much alive.



Dreaming in yellow can have positive and negative interpretations. This color could symbolize happiness, intellect, awareness, harmony, and energy. On the other hand, it could also represent betrayal, illness, and cowardice. The meanings depend on your dream’s context and the situation that you saw yourself in.



Violet is considered to be a majestic and sophisticated color. It represents intimacy, calmness, intuition, and passion. Lighter shades can mean delicate and precious, while darker ones such as plum can symbolize moodiness.



Pink is the color of romance, kindness, joy, sweetness, and affection. Seeing this color in your dreams may imply immaturity and indecisiveness, especially when it comes to love. This may also mean that you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, or you’re already making your way towards healing after experiencing heartbreak.




Green symbolizes hope, nature, fertility, growth, vitality, serenity, and wealth. It means that you are ready for change and transition to take place in your life. Alternatively, it can indicate that you want to be independent and recognized. Its negative connotations include jealousy, deceit, and cheating.


Gray represents neutrality, fear, and confusion. It could mean that you’re feeling stagnant and dull at the moment, as well as detached to your responsibilities and priorities.



Black is usually associated with grief, darkness, depression, and emptiness. However, this may also denote mystery, possibilities and opportunities. It tells you to explore more facets of your personality so you could understand yourself better.



White symbolizes purity, innocence, cleanliness, acceptance, dignity, and perfection. It means that something in you has ‘awakened’ and you’re prepared for a new beginning in your life. In other cultures, white can represent death and mourning.



Seeing different hues in your dreams mean something in one way or the other. But just like other psychological and philosophical concepts, these are open to different interpretations. The meanings depend on people’s beliefs and points of view and are highly based on theories. Whether you dream in color or not, it would still be best to evaluate yourself in real life and not mainly about what your subconscious tells you.