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Problems with Heartburn? Here are 10 Sleeping Tips you Need to Follow

senso memory mattress 20Countless people experience heartburn on a daily basis, and most of the time they feel its symptoms while they’re asleep. So if you’re lying on your Senso Memory mattress and you feel a burning sensation in your chest, then chances are you’re one of them! Don’t worry, though; you can easily find nighttime relief by making simple changes in the way you sleep, eat, and live. Here are just a few lifestyle hacks to help you get started:

Sleep on Your Left!

According to Dr. David A. Johnson of the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, sleeping on your left side helps reduce the symptoms associated with heartburn. So remember: if you’re suffering from heartburn, right is wrong!

Keep Your Upper Body Elevated!

Sleeping with your upper torso elevated makes it harder for stomach acids to flow up your esophagus since your throat and stomach won’t be at the same level.

Fit bodyLose Weight!

It’s already proven that gaining weight can worsen your heartburn. Lose a bit of it, and you’ll start feeling better!

Avoid Certain Foods!

Some foods are known to trigger heartburn, although cases vary from one person to another. In any case, it’s best if you avoid them for a while the moment the first sight of heartburn shows up. Foods and drinks known to cause heartburn include alcohol, softdrinks, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, garlic, onions, and anything else fatty, spicy, and fried.

senso memory mattress 22Avoid Big Late-Night Meals!

Refraining from certain types of foods isn’t enough. You should also steer clear of late-night meals for the time being. Allow your stomach to partially empty at least two or three hours before bedtime since large meals can put pressure on your stomach which could worsen your heartburn.

Relax While Eating!

Eating hurriedly causes your stomach to produce more gastric acids, not to mention that it makes you not chew and digest your food properly. So relax while eating. But don’t do it while lying down—or else your heartburn will get worse!

senso memory mattress 24

Chew Gum!

Chewing gum helps produce saliva, which soothes your esophagus and washes down the gastric acids down into your stomach—where it belongs!

Stay Upright After Eating!

You should relax as well once you’re done eating. And the best way to do that is while you’re standing up. Not only does it make the food you eat flow directly from your esophagus to your stomach, but it also reduces the risk of gastric acid creeping up your throat.

senso memory mattress 25Quit Smoking!

Smoking poses two threats for people with heartburn. First, it can irritate your gastro-intestinal tract. Second, it relaxes the muscles that keep stomach acids at bay. Both of these help worsen your heartburn. So quit that stick, buddy!

Wear Loose Clothes!

If you’re experiencing heartburn, it’s best if you wear loose-fitting clothes for a while. Tight clothing, in case you haven’t noticed, adds pressure on your stomach and leads to symptoms associated with heartburn.

Even if you’re suffering from heartburn and not annoyed by it, you should still not take it very lightly. So aside from following these tips, it’s best if you consult your doctor immediately after the first symptoms manifests itself!