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Product Review: Senso Memory Foam Mattress

It seems that nowadays there’s a dramatic rise of a certain cultural movement that moves against the mainstream flow of the popular trend. A lot of people aren’t exactly tolerant with their choices, saying that their motivation is merely to attain the pleasure of being against the flow, contrary to the trend.

However, it’s also true that ironically, their movement is becoming a popular trend in itself. Well I’m not taking sides, but I’m trying to be analytic. It seems to me that there is a backbone for the logic of going against the popular stream of trends. I mean, why should you follow something just because it’s popular?

You and everyone else should be a bit wiser and be objectively curious about something. Thankfully, this principle not only applies to the following of a certain cultural trend, but even with your own products. Should you acquire something just because of the ads? Well, you have to check and determine it objectively for yourself.

In this entry, we’ll talk about URATEX’s Senso Memory Foam Mattress as objectively as we can. Then after you check it for yourself, you can decide for yourself whether or not you will make the wise choice of getting it.

Senso Memory Foam

  • What’s up with it?

Well the majority of mainstream mattresses are so-called “innerspring”. This means that if you cut it in half, you’ll find that the inside of the mattress is actually composed of hundreds of solid metal springs that make the bed “bouncy.”

It’s been in the market for a long time and it’s usually what people think of when they think of “mattress.” But the Senso Memory Foam Mattress is made of, you’ve guessed it, foam. But mind you, it’s not just made of any kind of polyurethane foam, but it’s made of pressure-relieving, visco-elastic foam.

The way it’s different from the mainstream innerspring mattress is that it retains the distinct great quality that all foam mattresses have in general – movement isolation, shape conformation, and specific support and comfort. Well the way this one differs from other plain polyfoam mattresses is that this Senso Memory Foam Mattress is made of actually two layers – 8 inches of visco-elastic foam and 2 inches of memory foam topper merged into the mattress itself.

In essence roughly, it’s kind of like the Premium Touch Viscoluxe Mattress which has its base made of – (still not innerspring, but…) pocketspring. Like the Premium Touch, it provides support and comfort at the same time but courtesy mainly of the dual combined power of two types of foam.

  • What to expect if you get it?

Well when you lie down on it, the first immediate thing that you’re going to feel with your skin is the main cover. The fabric is made of an imported Sanitized© fabric cover that immediately feels cool and welcoming to the touch.

In a few minutes of testing different positions and places, you’ll realize one consistent thing – that this Senso Memory Foam Mattress is quite distinct from other foam mattress that you’ve tried due to its being cool to the touch. Especially in this country, lying down on a warm mattress in a warm night isn’t always something that you’d look forward to, but with this mattress, you’ll be assured of cool comfort every night.

Compared to the traditional innerspring mattress, their covers are made of relatively rough fabric that’s not very friendly to sensitive skin since it gets kinda itchy and irritating. Well even with the bed covers on, you’d still feel its warmness and of course, the springs that make it up. Imagine lying on a bed mattress made of one solid but soft material. It’s consistent throughout, and that’s something your nights need.

To get it or not? Only you can answer that dilemma for yourself. Whatever suits your needs or floats your boat, make sure that you get the best one for you. But remember that, here at URATEX, we always care for those needs and we’re concerned about floating your boat figuratively. It’s all about providing comfort and class. Now come on in and make your night count! sweet dreams!