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Product Review: Trapunto by Rajo Laurel

Trapunto by Rajo Laurel

Fine and Fancy; Comfortable and Classy. Ever thought of having those kinds of combinations cater to you while you sleep? Well it’s not far from reality if we include Uratex’s Trapunto mattress into the picture. Now you can sleep in style as your dreams take you away. Be assured of deep, comfortable and classy sleep with URATEX’s tailor-made Trapunto mattress by Rajo Laurel.

In this review, I’ll not only tell you about the awesome details of the Trapunto mattress, I’ll also place emphasis on the amazing features you can experience if you do yourself a favor and get this marvelous mattress for yourself.

What makes it so unique?

The Trapunto mattress, which means “to embroider” in Italian, offers the unique contoured cut which allows excellent comfort and firmness at the same time. Its smooth-knitted fabric cover allows one to experience a smooth, fresh feel. Aside from being made by one of the country’s most celebrated fashion designers, this mattress isn’t just all looks and glimmer. It’s the real thing that proves its worth.

Its “3-zone Support” system is more than ready to take care of your tired shoulders, back, lumbar and hip areas. Another thing which you can be sure of with any Uratex product is its durability. Having both its foam and cover Sanitized©, you can be sure that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. You can use that extra energy for making sure you get the best nights possible instead of worrying about your mattress’s life span.

What’s it like?

Well seeing how fab and “fitting” this mattress is one thing, but lying down on it and earning well-needed z’s on it and how easily you come to it is another completely different thing. The first thing that you’ll feel on this mattress is how incredibly smooth and fresh-to-the-touch it is. You’ll almost not want to put covers on it coz of how nice it is to the touch. Once you lie down on it and you put your whole weight on it, you’d want to marry it.

I’m talking specifically about how intricately soft and yet how simultaneously supportive it is when it comes to your skeletal and muscular alignment. No more pressure points – it’s all distributed. Yep, it’s all in the foam. It simply works wonders. Now imagine being on it for about 8 hours. Every night. For years. You’d definitely be doing yourself a favor by getting yourself a Trapunto.

Worth it?

You’d probably think: ooh, this has a name on it. It’s “special,” and must be expensive. False. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s well worth its price for an excellent, long-lasting mattress, but it’s not unreachable too. It’s classy and comfortable for even the C-class. You’d be surprised that this doesn’t even go near $700 while all the other non-designer-made 3-zone mattress have the nerve for their prices to go over one grand. This is URATEX, and as much as we’re making the best kind of comfort possible, we’re also concerned with making it within reach.

It’s fine, it’s fancy, it’s classy, it’s comfortable. You deserve the best in both name and nights, in both brand and bed. But remember it’s not about what it is merely, but what it is to you specifically, and we all can agree that you deserve nothing less than the state-of-the-art. Sweet dreams, and make the most of the night!