Cool Zen Mattress

P 2,099.75

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Unwind and relax with Cool Zen Mattress, a cushioned mat with a local twist. Its main feature is that uses banig (straw mat) on one panel, traditionally known as a breathable material that lets air flow freely. Its other side offers soft, quilted fabric cover for a smooth, comfort feel. Both lightweight and compact, it is easy to use anywhere and anytime. Ideal for picnics and outdoor activities.

  • Back Rest Height: mm
  • Front Legs Distance: mm
  • Seat Height: mm
  • Seat Length: mm
  • Side Legs Distance: mm
  • Seat Width: mm
  • Gross Weight:
  • Covered with banig (straw mat) on one side and the other is made of quilted, thin cotton fabric for a smooth feel
  • With reusable plastic case for easy storage

5 Years