Edge Collection Fold-A-Mattress by Uratex

P 3,539.75

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The Edge Collection Fold-A-Mattress by Uratex provides all-around convenience to help you get a healthy sleep. This latest collection is specially developed to promote a good, healthy sleep. It has a unique technology that infused Edge foam by Uratex with activated charcoal and anti-static features to calm both the body and the mind. Its anti-static knitted fabric not only enhances comfort but also prevents accumulation of electrostatic while you sleep. Surely, Edge Collection by Uratex will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated when you wake up.

  • Charcoal prevents mold and provides a higher adsorption of sweat for a clean, hygienic and refreshing sleep.
  • Anti-static feature of Edge foam by Uratex and its knitted fabric prevents further build-up of electrostatic for a deep, relaxing sleep
  • May help balance stress and tension.
  • Medium firm comfort feel gently supports body while you sleep
  • Hypoallergenic to protect from allergic reactions

This product carries a ten (10) year warranty coverage upon date of purchase against inherent manufacturing defects under normal usage. Polyurethane foam has natural characteristics of undergoing slight shape distortion, minor softening and discoloration. Thus, the guarantee is limited to sagging (loss of thickness by more than 25%) and crumbling of foam slab.

To validate warranty coverage, the original warranty card and the proof of purchase is required. Uratex reserves the right to conduct a series of tests to assess whether the defect is within warranty coverage. The company can deny warranty if the product is in an unsanitary condition such as, but not limited to:  traces of body fluid stains or soiling; mould infestation; and liquid penetration from water or any cleaning agent. Replacement of fabric cover and transportation costs are not included.