Fold-A-Mattress with Thin Cotton

P 1,609.75

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Add the Fold-A-Mattress to your home essentials. Built for comfort, this all-around mat can be used anytime and anywhere. It can be used for afternoon naps, for quality time with the kids, and for overnight guests. It is lightweight for easy carrying and easy storage. Great for everyday use.

Repose in casual comfort with the Back Relief Futon. More than an ordinary foldable mattress, it uses a thicker foam for added cushion. It is convenient and flexible as it can be used anywhere. Not only is it lightweight, it also easily folds up for easy storage.

  • Using 2” thick, high quality Uratex foam for added cushion comfort
  • Thin cotton polycotton cover
  • With reusable plastic case for easy storage

5 Years