Perfect Serenity Kids

P 4,899.75

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Let your kids experience a superb sleep with Perfect Serenity Kids. More than an ordinary bed, it is wrapped in soft, velvety fabric for enhanced support. Its comfort layers are composed of Permagreen foam and Purifoam. The Permagreen foam provides a medium firm feel which provides adequate support and comfort appropriate for kids. The Purifoam provides additional firmness, suitable in promoting good body posture and correcting sleep position, alleviating pressure points and body strains.

Perfect Serenity Kids is treated with Sanitized® proven to effectively protects against growth of bacteria, odour, mildew, and dust mites. It keeps the mattress stay fresh and hygienic for a long period of time.

Permagreen Foam, Purifoam, Knitted Fabric

5 yr warranty