Safe and Clean Infant Soft Recliner

P 3,199.75

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The Safe & Clean® Infant Soft Recliner is a portable cradle for babies who prefer to sleep in an inclined position. It has a distinctive design which enhances comfort and improves the quality of sleep for babies. It is equipped with a soft, velvety belt to keep the baby in place. The sides are slightly raised to further prevent the baby from rolling out. Its sloping shape prevents the baby from sliding out.

The Safe & Clean® Infant Soft Recliner is treated with Sanitized® that effectively protects against germs, bacteria, dust mites, fungi, unpleasant odors, asthma and other allergies. As an added feature, its encased with Teflon that is both water and oil repellant. Its fabric has an easy to clean feature. Recommended for 1 – 6 months. Recommended for babies who have adequate head and torso control. Not recommended to be used inside the crib.

Teflon Fabric, High Quality Foam