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How and Why Proper Diet can Help Cure your Insomnia

Healthy Diet

It’s pretty common. It’s well-known. It’s a common topic in this blog, and Craig David even wrote a song about it. It’s one of the main reasons why people don’t sleep (well duh). It’s insomnia. But what about it? It’s a hot topic, and obviously, there’s no stopping it. Not tonight in URATEX, at least.

Although we’ve already devoted one whole series about different kinds of insomnias, we haven’t talked much about how and a person’s diet is directly related to a person’s risk of getting, and being cured from, insomnia. But apparently in this post, I’ll be talking to you about how and why proper diet can help cure your insomnia.

If you think that the only effective way of getting rid of insomnia is by taking expensive medications with an almost endless list of side-effects, well you’re wrong, dude. You need to read more of our blog’s posts. Well, this is a good start, though. So how about jumping into the main content right now?

  • Insomnia can be caused by improper nutrition

Although insomnia is also caused by extremely horrible sleeping habits, eating habits is a big contributor as well. It’s easy and simply common sense to conclude and logically deduce by deductive reasoning that anything that considered “bad for you” will indeed, be bad for you. Because logic.

On the contrary, it’s not logical to try to eat as much garbage food (a.k.a. “junk food” or “fast food”) as you can and then expect that you lose weight or be healthier or be further from doctor visits than you were before consuming all that.

It’s also not proper reasoning if you think that anything you eat will not have any adverse effect on any aspect of your life even just a little bit, because it will, no matter what you believe in. What gets absorbed into your bloodstream will do something. Insomnia can be one of that “something,” so you better watch what you eat. The key is a balanced diet.

  • Insomnia is sometimes caused by hunger

If you haven’t read our article about healthy bedtime snacks, then you should at least read its introduction, because I’m quite sure that you can relate even with the introductory scenario in that article.

However, there’s so much more. It’s a fact that general insomnia is caused by a wide variety of things, and hunger is easily among them. Whatever keeps you awake and keeps you from falling asleep can be labelled as insomnia, and we can all testify that hunger – even just a little bit, will keep you awake and will keep you far from the threshold of slumber.

So what’s the answer aside from love? Eating healthy bedtime snacks. There’s a list in that article I previously mentioned, so you need not look for it here anymore.

  • Insomnia is best treated when you’re keeping it from starting at all

It’s an old adage (or maybe it’s just a cliché, but it’s often said that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Well aside from the non-metric-system terms that they used, it’s also easy to notice that those words are usually printed with fancy font in a cross-stich your grandmother made, framed and hung somewhere in an old house. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s actually very very true.

Proper diet can help prevent insomnia and even cure it, because a change of diet to a serotonin-rich diet can definitely help you sleep. But you know the best cure for any disease (including insomnia)? The best cure is not a cure at all. It’s prevention. It’s kind of like cheating, but it’s kind of legitimately accepted anyway. Doesn’t really matter as long as you sleep, huh? Well yeah. Of course.

Lay off the junk and keep yourself healthy. It’s not just your sleep that will improve if you go for a healthier diet. It’s all-around. Mental, emotional, physical, and physiological. Heck, it can even make you productive at work if you go that extra mile. So sweet dreams, but lay off the sweets, okay? Go for the greens – take that balanced diet.