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How to Properly Dispose your Old Mattress

So there you are. You’ve just recently made a good and wise decision of acquiring a really good mattress that fits both your wants and needs. It’s perfect for you, since it’s the right size for your bed frame. All the sizes are still the same, which means you still get to use your favorite blankets, comforters, and bed sheets. Everything’s pretty much good to go except for one thing – your old mattress is still there.

It is natural for us to assume that buying and ordering a new mattress is hassle free, but once you get home from the store, you’re gonna ask yourself: how in heaven can I get rid of this old mattress? Well, it’s that’s something everyone will eventually experience at least once in the independent life. But fear not, I’m not just here to write in a romanticizing manner what you’re going through, but I’m here to help you have the solution.

So what can you do?

Old Mattress

Pass it on

Well, believe it or not, throwing it to the landfill isn’t always the default solution, although it can be. Dumping it in a landfill will be your last resort, but why not consider turning your “curse” into a blessing for others? Don’t worry, I’m still talking about your old mattress.

Highlight the possibility that you could pass it on to someone you know. It can be a friend, a family member, a friend’s friend, whatever. The best thing about handing down mattresses is that you’ll be surprised with filnding someone who could really use it, even in its old, pre-used state. So why not consider it?

Donate it

I’m still sticking to the “turning curses into blessings” note here. It’s still the same principle fuelled with the same idea and motivated by the same sentiment to help someone with need. Remember when I told you about giving your pre-used mattress to a friend or family member? Why let the list stop there? You know that they’re not the only ones in possible need of a mattress.

You can give it to a charitable organization, who can most likely make the best use of it by passing it to fire or flood victims or generally to the homeless or to orphanages or to prisons. You’ll never know, but you can end up helping someone.

The Junk-Shop

Yes, I did say indeed that an old mattress can belong to a landfill, but let’s stop for a moment here. If we’re talking about a mattress so old and so used that absolutely no one wants anything to do with it, then the Junk-Shop can be a solution. No troubles about finding one. There’s almost at least one in every village, which is especially true for the Philippines.

Since most mattresses that wear out are innerspring mattresses, it’s easy to paint a picture. They usually can tear that old mattress to pieces and retrieve whatever usable material inside it, weigh it, and voilà! You can still get some of your money back.

So yeah, I guess if you followed either of the three suggestions, you can now safely put your new mattress on your bedframe in peace. Now that’s much better, isn’t it? I’m sure you can sleep more soundly with the thought that you benefitted or helped someone else catch sleep or improve their livelihood. Good night, sweet dreams, and seize the night!