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Pros and Cons of Bean Bag Beds

Everything in this world has been converted to make our lives much easier, from pagers to cellular phones, from personal computers to laptops, from long queues to drive-thru.  What is still left to be invented when it seems that we have everything we can possibly need? Even our traditional bed mattress have their own counterpart: The Bean Bag Beds.

To put it simply, bean bag beds are basically bean bag chairs that can be converted into beds. It is made out of different materials ranging from small foams, to polyurethane foam, to memory foams. Let us examine some of its positives and negatives.

Relaxing Bean Bag Bed


  • Dual-purpose: From sitting to lying down, bean bag beds can both serve as a chair and a bed. You don’t have to crouch yourself to fit into your chair just to get that wanted nap/sleep. With bean bag beds, you can just easily convert the chair to bed and vice-versa.
  • Washable: Since sofa beds and mattresses are huge and heavy and can be complicated to clean, they are susceptible to germs and bacteria. Say goodbye to those little bugs for they can’t live in a bean bag bed. Because of its washable feature, one can clean it as much as you he or she wants to.
  • Affordable: Since it serves the purpose of two, bean bag beds enable you to save that extra money. Besides this fact, bean bag beds are much cheaper as compared to buying a sofa or a bed.
  • Stylish: Bean bag beds present a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your guest room, bedroom, living room, whatever; you are sure to find a size and design that’ll be suitable to the room you shall place it in.
Comfortable Bean Bag Bed


  • Little less durable: Since it is not made from very high quality materials as that of a sofa and a bed, bean bag beds can go flat easily. In addition, it can obtain holes where the foam/beads can escape.
  • Impossible to repair: Since it is made of only two layers of inner and outer material, it is impossible to apply remedy once it is broken. Even stitches can wear out if applied.

As we can see, pros outweigh the cons of having bean bag beds. Does this mean that we should all convert to using bean bag beds? Of course not! It is still our choice whether we stick to our good ‘ol furniture or adjust to the latest trends.