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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattresses: Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress

Paint, medical gloves, balloons, and Band-Aids. What do they all have in common? You might notice that they’re all thin layering for the purpose of protecting or separating one part from its surroundings, and that’s true. But it’s also true that the origin of their main material is derived from plants. But in this era, it’s more common that they’re all made similar in one aspect – they’re all from latex.

Well nowadays, some natural latex is still prevalent, but not as common as synthetic latex. It’s cheaper, and there are a variety of products that can be made from them, like bed mattresses, for instance.

Latex Mattresses

Latex as a material for beds has been around since 1926, and they’ve been mass-produced in the market since the 70’s when the Beatles weren’t trippy with their songs yet.

They weren’t as common as innerspring mattresses at that time, but as the decades and years passed by until our period in history today, latex mattresses have been increasing in prevalence in the market. That’s why it’s just as increasingly important to put it to the test whether or not it’s the right mattress for you. But what are its pros and cons?


Latex Mattress Layers

1) All latex mattresses are made mostly out of synthetic vulcanized rubber, or by natural latex (which isn’t as common). But whatever the material is, any real latex mattress in general is solid and, in that sense, made almost entirely out of that material. That’s why it’s resistant to dust mites and bed bugs. There’s no need to worry about extermination. Not even mildew can invade it.

2) Other foam mattress would technically be out of the league that the latex mattress is in since this type of mattress is more durable, lasting up to 4 decades. It’s also relatively better in the sense that it’s firmer than regular foam mattresses, which makes it extremely helpful for those with back pain.

3) A considerable number of latex mattresses have been known to balance the temperature according to your body’s temperature, eliminating the common problems of “too hot” and “too cold.”


1) The “solid” feature of latex mattresses can cause a few inconveniences. Because it is heavier than other types of mattresses, moving houses, rearranging your room, and even replacing the sheets will become a task that will require more effort than usual.

2) New mattresses are really fun to lie down on. However, in the case of latex mattresses, this might turn into a nasal inconvenience since the scent of it might turn you away. New latex mattresses give off a certain “latex smell” when they’re new. Although it fades off after a while, it will still cause distractions.

3) We all know that it’s a fact of life that nothing comes for free. It will take a lot of sacrifice on one part, but hopefully, everything will be worth it. For instance, latex mattresses are durable and firm, but it’s the most expensive type of mattress available in the market.

A lot of other mattresses are out there though. But never underestimate any type of mattress as long as it provides quality and restful sleep to the one who needs it. Latex or not, remember that a “good night” belongs to those who take it for themselves. After all, you deserve it right?